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  1. X3M

    Sad news.

    I was already wondering where he went. Then I heard the sad news. Surely I could not believe this. And I see this topic being here for a while too. Reality hits hard when one finds out, another player will not be there any more. He was one of those background guys that is always there. You only start wondering when they are gone for a while. I still remember him making a interesting map. Go check it out. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8420-new-map-comming-out-soon/?tab=comments#comment-66117 And he shared a lot of his funky looking maps. You could tell he had a lot of fun making them. They can be found under JB2. I got roughly 20 of them. http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=td&age=0&search=jb2 And it is those maps and his enthusiastic showing that I will remember. I felt he put some of his soul in them. To share. As a friendly member of the community. RIP BluySY
  2. Well, I had a good laugh with that video. He is now also risking a ban on Youtube.
  3. X3M

    Cn2mc VS CHEM

    I liked that hidden turret. It made Chem win that little battle. Not surrendering so soon after losing key structures. That made the video's better.
  4. Sea units, build with a shipyard: - Caiman; $80, 2CP. The Caiman is like its 2 brothers from land. The Coyote as a ship. Thus a machine gun that can hit ground AND slow air. It is effective against the weakest armor types. But the mine laying ability is from the Armadillo. The mines cost 20. But do massive damage to ships. - Delta; $150, 2CP. The Delta is an amphibious unit. It is build in the sea, but can drive on land. It is like a more expensive Armadillo, but without the mine laying ability. The positive part is that it only takes 2CP each. Thus saving up a lot of these units is possible for a massive strike. Just like how the Hammer works. Just like the Armadillo, it can hit slow air. And just like the Fortress, it can remove mines. - Alligator; $320, 5CP. A heavy tank in the water. But with a missile launcher that can take down any type of air. This bad boy has a range of only 6. But with a certain boost can reach up to 9. It is the best ship to take down an HQ if you see the chance. - Viking; $320, 5CP. This ship is the same as the Alligator. But it misses anti air capabilities. Instead, it uses torpedo's for extra damage in the water. Making it stronger than the Alligator. It can also detect the Baracuda. - Baracuda; $400, 6CP. This is a submarine. It shoots torpedo's, just like the Viking. But is not meant for that kind of combat. It can be detected by the Viking, but also by the Cyclone. That is the first tier air unit of the confederation. The Viking can shoot upon detection. And any other unit in the vicinity that has explosive weapons can help. The Baracuda is very slow and unused by the Rebellion. It's main purpose is to shoot with artillery missiles, from a range of 12 (15 with boost), inland or sea. It is supposed to be a surprise attack. But the costs in CP makes it very unlikely that the enemy doesn't notice something fishy is going on. The damage as well is not that great. It is more an unit to have the confederation occupied by annoyance for 10 to 60 seconds. Target factories that are upgrades to have it cost efficient. Also, attack in any other way at the moment the Baracuda is attacking. This is the only ship that can take down sea defences from afar. Like an artillery in sea. A fleet has often only 1 Baracuda. - Poseidon; $380, 6CP. The Poseidon is not a stealthy unit. It works the same as the Baracuda. Instead of torpedo's, it has a sam as well for targeting any air unit, not only the slow. The range for inland combat is 11(14 with boost). This difference of 1 compared to the Baracuda counts in a 1 on 1 combat. But also when targeting HQ that are slightly more of the coast. There are rare occasions where a boost is needed to remain out of range. While the Baracuda doesn't need this. A fleet has often 2 to 3 Poseidons. Due to the fact that they can hit air. Remember, to get the game on your phone, click this link: https://redirect.appmetrica.yandex.com/serve/169878688668608468?recruiter_id=1118283928
  5. I have learned that upgrades are very important...IF...you want to become one of the big shots. New players will be able to reach level 10 asap. But then hit a brick wall. This is the wall of "pay to win". The difference with this game compared to other games is that you can also "wait to win". But the best part is that you can "wait to win". Be in a clan, and watch that 30 second video every day, just to get 4 times your daily income. Open up a bit of tech and money through single player. Upgrade this to a maximum for your level as you go. Don't play pvp at all. But play all those training matches instead. The possibility to have training matches is what makes this mobile game better than any other mobile game. You can play the game for free. And after a while, you can level up a bit through pvp and continue to upgrade. What I see is level 5 people, beating the crap out of level 10 to 15 people. We even have a trophy room in my clan for that. Remember, to get the game on your phone, click this link: https://redirect.appmetrica.yandex.com/serve/169878688668608468?recruiter_id=1118283928
  6. Where is he anyway? I never met him. But his name goes on for years.
  7. I never met the guy. But I played many times with buggies only. Of course on normal maps. When the GDI player pops out 1 tank, a NOD player can have 3 buggies. Your goal is not the tank, but the factory instead. 3 tanks or 8 buggies. Who would destroy a base first? Of course, bikes are better against tanks. But if you swarm 1 tank with 8 buggies, the tank is dead. Very, very, dead. Also, buggies are good against infantry and guard towers. Not advanced guard towers. You need to find your GDI opponent first, before adv. guard pop up. Also, buggies don't do splash damage. You can wall in an harvester that is busy with only 8 buggies. And the damage of the buggies are higher than 5 bikes I think. If you play against NOD. You need to keep your guard up. But also keep attacking with buggies. Those enemy bikes are nothing to buggies.
  8. There is a math reason for that. So yes, they are indeed only useful as support unit. Especially against non combat objects. But if you can get that far, you might as well win the normal combat first before targeting non combat objects.
  9. I have seen people play in TD with a gazillion money as starting credits. You can't deplete it for hours. So that counts as infinite as well. But base walking is actually one of the strongest strategies out there. Defence structures are tougher in general. So building them asap is the best thing to do. But what better than a line of defences, if the line of defences builds towards your enemy? C&C games have the tendency to have a building erect out of nowhere. This is what makes it extra deadly. I even have seen this shit in some board games. Even in C&C3. I mean, what you can do is move an MCV close to the enemy and have like a dozen MCV's back home preparing defences. If you have the money, that one MCV can be missed.
  10. The scaling of Range is indeed weird, I observed that too. Perhaps it is because certain effects where not included in the designs. Not only that, but ranking makes units godlike in their own perspective. This should be toned down as well.
  11. You are one to talk Chem. Is this post part of your retribution?
  12. It will also make scouting harder. So air will have less effect. Here is an example of a small map from another game: It is a 64x64 map, while Starcraft knows 256x256 maps. This is freakishly small for a map. But the path length resembles that of a 128x128 map. See how the movement has to go to the left or right first, then diagonally across the map, just to have to go to the left or right again?
  13. The RPS effect is very different in this game. Of course they put in good idea's. Like having a hospital auto generates your infantry. The resource management is like that of C&C3, but takes away the feel. Long walls can be build. etc. etc. But there are many aspects that I don't like about the game. I also, only played against AI. So I don't know if the RPS effects are truly busted or not. Perhaps just different, which would require us calling ourselves newbs for a while if we where to play it online.
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