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  1. If you execute it properly. By the time you destroyed their CY (and they panic!) You should have clicked for more LT. Or MT. By that time, you have like 9 more or so. They won't have those tanks. Of course, your army should not be dead yet with Q. So, they can take out the WF of your opponent as well. Or you target his tanks instead. Still using Q. In THAT time, you are still building tanks. It is a matter of speed. And the attacker has an advantage for sure. If you are building up your base while attacking. Make sure you Q like 5 to 6 times. Some decent distance. Press H and place your structure. Then go to your group by pressing 1? And press F. You are like 2 seconds away. And the Q is done. Sometimes, when dealing with a sovjet player. I click farther away with Q. So the heavy tanks follow and are behind. It annoys them as well. WARNING!! If you spot a radar dome. He is building tesla coils. Target his power instead. Absolutely no power slows him down so much, it is often more effective too.
  2. I never liked it that they used anthrax, or the word. Anthrax is deadly, not simply damaging. Soldier received anthrax? It is done for! Radioactivity on the other hand, works slower. In fact, if you had a medium to high dose. There is still a chance for survival. The nuclear explosion beats them all! You can't withstand evaporation, now can you? Either way, the effects of radiation and anthrax are both too slow for RTS games. I rather see napalm or acid to take its place.
  3. Artillery? Did not see that one comming. Considering the tech requirements. It is worth the try. But reconsidering the buggy assault. That player must have gone P, R, A and start spamming. In the same time frame. You have P, R, R, R, A? The buggy swarm is 6 to 7 buggies ahead. And when they arrive. You might have 2 to 3 buggies ready. That is only 2 artilleries. The only way would be to have them covered by flamethrowers. And slowly spread out in your base. And flame tanks are to far of in tech at the first assault. I do understand getting them later on for the same function. So. Have a turret cover the artillery as well. And the airfield exit point close to your cy. What remains is the harvester slaughter.
  4. Red Alert? "Fair" map? 1 v 1? I prefer the LT rush. Your opponent is exactly on the other side of the map. No need for scouting. Target CY and/or P. Ignore tanks and infantry. Just get: P, R, W (LT spam), R, P, R Medium sized maps, I prefer to roll out with a minimum of 4. Large sized maps, I prefer to roll out with a minimum of 6. On small maps? O dear, I learned the painful way that infantry are the better rushing material here. It is basicly doing the buggy rush. But then with LT. But there is one key, that you will need to learn to make this rush unstoppable. And that is Q! You take waaaay less damage from tanks. And you can crush infantry.
  5. Cannot be unseen!

  6. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    I think because it is glitching as hell. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgUu9drbVc8
  7. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Blazer, Regarding topic 5. I think that you need to consider the true $ ratio's. And include more advanced commands like attack+move. Also, revert the role's. 120 apocs vs 175 prisms. Then 175 prisms against 120 apocs. Other then that. I am happy someone is putting up those kind of video's.
  8. Strange, how your guidance works perfectly. Thumbs up!
  9. Do you guys think that I look fat?

    When you are hungry, drink a glass of water. Rinse and repeat. Do not eat more than a normal person would. Only eat a bit more if you start training. Your trainer can tell you how much. Stay away from Sugar, and fat. and Sugar replacements are even worse. If you are a meat eater, replace every meat with fish. Build on your self esteem. Ignore any rude comment, you know what you are already. So it has no use to listen to people who tell you what you are. That is all there is to it. But I know it is said in a simple manner. So, work on your willpower to actually have this simple solution to become a reality.
  10. HJK6 crap has to go

    Ever occurred to you that you can say no, and simply press the leave button? If noobs want to play money maps, let them. I tell them, I find these maps boring. Even though I play on them on a regular basis my self if I really have no patience. A buggy or apache rush fixes most games for me any way And if they complain about that, I tell them to host a map where I need to search for them instead.
  11. newest cnc

    As far as I got. Huray! Clearly, I can feed myself. But I understand if others need a step by step check list. Now I got to work though. But Sunday will be a Funday. That is, if anyone is around in that server.
  12. newest cnc

    The answer to that is simply a question too. Why hang out with the rotten? If you show that kind of attitude to someone who stopped looking years ago. And never heard of a "new" place like that simply because there was no need to. So many other things to do. I once again say that your community stays small. I said in the previous post that I would find out soon enough. That means that there is a time and date for things. But that spoonfed comment makes someone like me go 180 degrees. Back to work to earn money and do FUN stuff instead. And guess what, a big part of this world is like that too. Now, I am going to take a look. I am sure there is some fun there.
  13. newest cnc

    I'll give it a try then when I got some free time. And so should the topic starter. What if I don't own kanes wrath. But only C&C3? O well, I guess I will know soon enough.
  14. newest cnc

    It is a tldr story of why we never played. Keep in mind, different country, different (unwritten) rules. We only had LAN parties for Westwood games. We went with what did work. And that where Blizzard's RTS. The path of least resistance. 5 years ago, I tried with C&C3. But found nothing that worked for me back then. So it ended up in the drawer. So, if you say that c&c online works. I might try that.
  15. newest cnc

    Why not? I like the game a lot (more options then Sun). And cncnet has proven to be a great start for the other games. And I am sure others agree with me. Of course I have said, asap. But we all know that that might take years, due to legal reasons. Not trying to hijack the topic.