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  1. RA1: Tech Level change in game by clock

    This game and Starcraft run on entirely different engines. I only know editing in Starcraft. Logically speaking. Giving units or structures to a player is a possibility. But you need to protect the structures. Immortality should be added. Or a ridiculous high amount of health. So that they are not destroyed. MAD tank is still a problem here.
  2. RA1: Tech Level change in game by clock

    While I see no way of this working through ini or whatever. The idea is brilliant. It was possible for me to do in Starcraft, back in the old days.
  3. Tiberian Dawn Artillery Re-Balance (Mini-Mod Added)

    Please keep in mind that the mrls is anti air as well. And does more damage than the artillery and is faster/ turns faster. The rockets too, are faster. And both are anti vehicle on top of infantry. However, gdi only has the hummer for specific purposes as anti infantry. Yet nod has them buggies more as a fodder unit plus the recon bikes as anti armor. That is why you see 800 vs 450. Mrls is simply stronger. I still feel that both need 1 or 2 range extra. The ssm launcher does a lot of damage against mammoth and harvester as well as opposed to medium tanks. You xan actually use the ssm as hit and run on mammoth.
  4. Tiberian Alert v2.7 Patch Notes

    Will you be making a single player campaign?
  5. Team game strategy

    Best strategy so far is to have a friend to play with in any team game. Eventually you know the guy and he knows your style. You can improve your style fitting each other. If it is a waiting game. Try this out: NOD+GDI. Give each other a CY. A dual ion cannon and dual nuke is funny to watch.
  6. Understanding Map Design

    This is an awesome topic you made.
  7. Don't play money maps then. One balance factor is the amount of money gained and spend. And it most often favours the stronger units/structures.
  8. TD is indeed a problem in that regard. But wait, has the hospital not once been modified? Or was that through RA? What if one group has all infantry being classified as vehicles? How would that work? Just posting idea's. I don't know if it works.
  9. Viceroids - new CnCNet checkbox?

    I had a commando in a crate with some other infantry. In the first 15 seconds. Walked right into the enemies base. Told him to untick the crate box. How about this? Several viceroids attacking. 1 is focussed on each player. At least that keeps the despair fair.
  10. Production speeds for structures/units

    Maybe exactly like those in Dune2 http://tasvideos.org/GameResources/DOS/Dune2.html
  11. Production speeds for structures/units

    It isn't just speeds. The projectile randomness in damage is still a guess for C&C as well.
  12. Viceroids - new CnCNet checkbox?

    viceroids do a lot of damage if untended. Which is very determining in a 1v1 match that might be close. They often start at the first second harassing my CY. Not amused. I rather see them spawning from a tiberium field by dead infantry then a "no reason to" kind of spawn. And only once every 30 infantry or so.
  13. Tech level 3 has buggies, right?

    Forgot his name. The thing is. I did know that it was tech 3. I did see the map and thought of it as a challenge against a GDI in close quarters. But it included me thinking I could start with buggies. Thus whiping the grenadiers off the map asap and take down the factory with raw buggy power asap. Ignoring the few tanks at that moment. I wished him the best of luck finding as much people to troll as possible. He was a silent one. Must be angry at life
  14. Tech level 3 has buggies, right?

    Well, Nyerguds word will be final on this one regarding the tech. But I see where the choice comes from. The manual that I got with C&C95 has some other mistakes as well. Like the build times. Regarding the hit and run tactics. I have no doubt that my skill would have beaten the guy if he chosen a more open map. And it is often my way of pausing a GDI player. There is some risk to the initial rush while playing a money map. Hit and run with bikes doesn't work when the wall you play in is only about 8 wide. And previously only 2 wide guarded with grenadiers. This means, no trespassing towards the base. And a head on with bikes against tanks doesn't work since there is almost no flanking in such a situation. And those grenadiers again. Besides, he had grenadiers. My only choices then are either rifle infantry (insufficient), flamers (can't use them in groups), light tanks for crushing (those tanks). What would you pick? I also wanted to use bazooka against his tanks. But those grenadiers man. That map he had chosen was a GDI friendly map. That I couldn't get buggies was my downfall. Maybe he picked that on purpose?
  15. Production speeds for structures/units

    Nice. I got some questions too. Sandbags only $25? Thought they where 50. Since I never build them, I might not have noticed a change. lol. Just like that buggy at tech level ...? The TI 150 columns are always a factor 1,5 compared to the TI100 columns. Why did you include them? Those units with a TI of 1. Can I safely assume that the game multiplies with 100, then divides by a factor related to the number of barracks/factories? I am looking at the Flame Tank and the Medium Tank. I can't believe my eye's. This difference is so big that I cannot doubt your stopwatch. Maybe the difference is related to the tech requirements? Because the APC and Stealth Tank also make no sense. I think that having one huge Excel file of all the data could come in handy for those who are interested. The ini file requires a lot of scrolling. You can hardly compare there. I have sort of seen the same effect in a board game. Where build points are provided by the structure. You need 1 Barracks for all units from €1 - €100. And 2 Barracks for all units from €101 - €200. etc. But building multiple units. 2 x €50 require only 1 Barracks, yet 2 x €51 require 2 Barracks.