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  1. I never tried. Can you use !seen in a chat box? If so, chat with yourself. No kicking.
  2. Change one thing at a time and test it. Or else you get lost in your own adjustments. Keep a log for your changes. The "what has been changed". And "why it has been changed". So you can always track back to a previous point that felt better. I know that jedi curve. In my eye's, it is applying imbalance, in a rather balanced way.
  3. Some do! Most don't. So mod ahead. Personnaly, most are shouting the same thing. MRLS, stronger or cheaper. And certainly sooner. When I modded my C&C. The MRLS was open with the normal radar. And it had +2 range. Notching more, notching less. Bazooka infantry +1 range. Factory had twice the health. That's it! APC and MRLS should be able to stay with NOD imho.
  4. So, any change log on the version 2.0?
  5. Well... yeah. But what would you select as the worst C&C3 unit?
  6. If we are going to nitpicking on C&C3 units. Then I select the buzzers. Man, are they weak in light of their purpose.
  7. Who here has their own list of epic units? That they would like to add. It could even be something simple as a tank version of any unreal tournament weapon.
  8. I like your answers. A simple, A does this amount of damage against B. That is good. The table will be rather big. But since it is an electronic game, that will be less of a problem. You also answered my RPS question. Which means Rock Paper Scissors. I find it awesome that you allow players to design their own units. How is your design mechanism? Somewhat pre-de-termed, like Warzone2100? Or can they change any value? But I just realised, if you have something for players to design. Then that means, you use formula's to determine the weight of units. Correct? What are your formulas? With a game of 10 to 60 minutes. Your goal can be the general public. That is ambitious! With the amount of RTS, I means, how much Real Time does it have? Because turn based games are only Strategy. When I had to tackle this problem, players told me that they rather had fairness and control over other players actions. So I went with "random turn based" + "free in interaction". And a timer... ((f*ck you Tom, the timer stays. You just have to be faster and not hold up the game with your "uhm uhm")) 5 "RTS" games in one, that is cool. So you have something along the lines of Starcraft meets KKnD? Blind play testers are those who play your game for the first time. Without any help. They don't know what they get into. Only then you know if it is truly a game that can be played by your targeted audience.
  9. I asked those questions out of curiosity. They are relatively basic when you showcase something like that. When I visited some places to gather information about these kind of board games. I concluded that there is a hell lot more games out there than any of us are aware. And that is something I thought of 7 years ago, too. You don't have to answer the questions.
  10. Looks simpler than mine. For others to play. Which is a good thing. Mine looks simpler in art. But complexity is for top tier wargamers. What is your market of players? How is your combat mechanic? Does it follow A&A? Or did you think of one of your own? Number of different units? Size of the board in hexagons? Time needed to play a game? RPS? How much RTS did you manage to get in? Number of playtesters? How many where blind? And yes, that is a valid question. Some are scared of sharing their idea's and work. However, if you are not. Try BGDF. You can choose to only lurk there.
  11. Any of the admins thought of automatically muting the flamers? No banning, simply muting. They can still play. But are muted. Period. Of course, a message should be placed somewhere. So that other players know, they are dealing with a muted by punishment player.
  12. Awesome! Does it work like you mentioned before? Or did you have to try something else?
  13. Co-op maps of various degrees, could work well.
  14. Just like Berserker/Ranger sight range upgrade. The limpet drone has its uses in fog of war. Only then you use it. If fog of war is disabled. Than it is indeed the most useless unit around.
  15. There is one unit, that no one else uses in Warzone2100. And is not used in any other game. I think, that would be one of my "awesome" units (in fact, it is already). A hit'n'run unit that doesn't do much damage. But has massive range and super speed. Once trapped, it is doomed. It would be about 3 times more expensive than the normal counter parts. Gamemechanics make it hard for this unit to find a proper place though, for firing on the enemy. Further, other units that only have the super speed are about 2 times as expensive than normal counter parts. And they have the advantage of shooting first, once in range. Crawlers, mechanic spiders that have no trouble, trespassing rough terrain. Kinda like the Reaper and Colossus from SC2. But what is more, they can hide in this rought terrain. Rendering them "immortal". Minesweepers. Since I have mines. Minesweepers have one job and are otherwise defenceless. But they sure know how to play the game. Chem, you haven't shared your idea's yet.