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  1. It disappeared from my list of channels. Trying to find it back with a link. Then Discord says, the link doesn't work or the channel doesn't exist any more.
  2. A lot has been reverted. Good.
  3. X3M

    Chem got banned

    Meanwhile, no one complained about my absence from the game, lol.
  4. This is regarding the mod. Not the original game. Whatever you say, has no effect on the original game. Nor the mod. The same goes for what I have posted.
  5. Let us brake down the facts. The classic ini. The current speed for the APC is 35. Bikes have even 40. The NOD buggy and Humm-vee have only 30. I find this weird, most of the lighter vehicles have lower speed and are wheeled. A tracked vehicle should be the slower one, or make up with a higher cost. Most tracked vehicles have 18 or 12. With the exception of the Stealth tank, which is 30. Infantry range from 6 to 10 with their speeds. They need micro to dodge the speed of 18. Any higher speeds require a lot of anticipation. And groups of tanks already have no problem crushing infantry. We all know that roads have a positive effect on vehicle speeds. The wheeled gain more than the tracked. They will be on par, on roads. There for, I suggest to have the APC a movement speed of 24/25. Making it faster than any other tracked vehicle. With the exception of a Stealth Tank. If it proves to be to slow against certain defences. Slowly add speed until it reaches 30. If you made other changes on speeds in the community balance, by logic, the speed for the APC could be different too.
  6. Instead of a slower engi. How about a slower apc? You could actually reintroduce crushing again.
  7. X3M

    Rule braker

    FFA, Free For All. Means that all are free to decide what they do. And they decided to team up to go against you. You should feel honoured instead. It is a different story when you do 2v2. And it turns out to be a 3v1. But still. Why would you join those matches. Just to complain about them? Get over with it. Don't join. They might team up because they don't want you there. Either beat them, when they team up against you. Or simply don't join their matches.
  8. When NOD: Two B or not two B. That's the question. Also, walls. Walls have never ever been defeated by a minigunner rush.
  9. Oddly enough, I experienced 2v1/3v1 numerous of times at TS. Henceforth, not playing that game any more. (Dune2000 simply got boring for me tbh, sorry Dune2k community) What is the point of screaming " cheater" and still continuing to walk into those kind of hosted games? I sense a lot of anger, that you kept all those years. Simply forget about it. That is what your enemies want, right? Forget them. Let them live in their own little pool of poo and piss. Or imagine such an image if it can make you happy. If you suspect someone cheating. Simply avoid that person from that point onwards. They eat your salt. So, don't give them salt. Don't feed trolls. If you want a fair game. Host one yourself. And kick any one who has beaten you. I am sure you will find a willing victim eventually.
  10. Apparantly they have their own discord. Got out of it though, it is mainly russian. And yes, as TD player, I am weird and harmless.
  11. X3M

    C&c Rivals

    If your winrate drops below 50%. And you are still being pitted against players that are waaay stronger. Then you know that you are playing a 'pay to win' game.
  12. You heard the 'man'!!! Change his password in something more adult orientated. Like "growup". or "learntheconcequences". Stuff like that
  13. I am no fan of icons that are useless until the last mission. So they need to think of something better.
  14. The flyers could be under the vehicles indeed. But I say they get their own tab. I have 2 suggestions: One: There is no super tab. When a super weapon is ready. You get an icon in the screen somewhere. In the same way as how it is done is a couple of other games. Like Generals. With a timer in it. Once ready, the player will always know. But it doesn't fix the idle empty tabs. Two: The tabs start out centred/stretched with the options a player has. If only infantry can be build, there is only 1 tab. It is centred/stretched. If buildings and infantry can be build, there are 2 tabs. Both in the same size and centred, or both stretched to fill the bar. If we go for the maximum, we have; buildings, infantry, vehicles, air and super weapon. It would be nice if we get a defence structure tab. And the super weapon could be placed under the defence structure tab. So, tabs would be added and removed during the game.
  15. Well said cn2mc. In a lot of RTS games: Some units are supposed to be build only once. For a particular reason. There are armies, that will hold only 2 or 3 of a particular unit. This unit is not less useful than the rest of the army that it is standing in. For TD, I feel that the APC and Engineer are for a particular reason. Yet in that regard, they are the best (only) choice. Thus taking over that building. Once you have multiple choices for a particular reason, then the tier of usage can be felt. Some units might be lower in the tier of usefulness for a particular reason. But if they have multiple reasons to be build. They can slowly climb that ladder again. It can be based on RPS effects, personal taste, but also on bad designs. I feel that the Rocket Soldier is one that fits the bad design category. And the Pence strategy fits the personal taste category.
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