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  1. A job WELL DONE!!! I have put the maps under the custom folder. I assume everyone is going to put them there. Any thoughts on the faction modifications? As suggestion for Russia, remove the -10% costs.Makes things more beautiful. If it really has to be a money thing? Perhaps change it into +5% harvester drop per load? If no other way, -5% costs. Orrrr make a totally different change. Main reason: Most factions have 10% differences in either weapon OR body. 10% difference on costs is 10% for both weapon AND body. That is overkill. Must be awful to change all those maps again if you have 1 thing to change. Reminds me of my C&C maps in Starcraft.
  2. X3M

    Cave map RA1

    We need more of these kind of maps!
  3. X3M

    remove unit limit

    Just use multiple groups?
  4. X3M

    C&c Rivals

    As of how I understand. This game is literally aimed at a new generation of gamers. It is going to "start all over" according to the creators. But since it is a mobile game, they left out storytelling etc. It is an Everyone 10+ game. Let that sink in your heads for a while. I wanted to give it a shot to have a proper opinion about it. But for me, it doesn't even show up in the list while searching for it. For those who can't get the game or don't want to bother getting it. Yet are curious about the gameplay. If you follow Taxowlbear on youtube, you can see this gameplay.
  5. Because most players stopped getting them if there was a ridiculous risk to them. Like a nuclear explosion in your base. But for skill matches, crates in general are dumb.
  6. Nono. I meant KKnD1 > KKnD2 (either ps or pc version) The first game. Created by the original team.
  7. X3M


    Ugh. I have seen the gameplay. Its disencouraging to say at least. Everything so far seems to be melee units. You need to control the nuke through a form of domination. 2 nukes and you win. Upgrades on units. I wonder how that will turn out. It is only avaiable in the U.S. so far I know. So no game for me.
  8. X3M

    Do you guys play KKnD2?

    I played KKnD 1 in the good old days. Imho so much better than 2. But it died with the computers getting better. I think the same thing happened to KKnD2?? If one of the 2 relives. I will take part of it again.
  9. X3M

    What are your favourite maps on cnc1?

    Position 3 has a bad spot. Either put some tiberium in its backyard. Or remove the position. Position 0 has the best spot. Look at all those blossom tree's. And only 2 choke points. 4 and 5 will be fighting, 2 and 3 will be fighting. Where is 1? I think that if you make this a 4 player map and shift a bit the balance in tiberium and blossom tree's. Then this map is good to go.
  10. X3M

    What are your favourite maps on cnc1?

    That map looks good since it is random. It is new and shows interesting terrain. The only issue that each new map has is the balance. Which is needed for fun. I think suggestions for modifications should drop in for that map. I got some. But await others first.
  11. X3M

    What are your favourite maps on cnc1?

    Other games don't really fit into c&c. This is because of the game mechanics in general. Often, the map is intended for the balance that the armies have. Maybe the dune series can have some input. They are mechanically the same.
  12. Maybe a chem check box for all the suggestions that he suggested. Just one ini that is changed.
  13. Henceforth the scouting. Who cares about the details. You can't order your orca's to move deep into the shroud. Or else you could scout with them as well.
  14. The crates could be modified too. Have them do certain power ups. But not bad stuff like explosion on dying and such. I don't like the crate in my opponents base to contain that commando that I immediately can use to kill CY etc. Isn't it easy to just give everyone one A10 with the comsat? And make it slower too. So it is really just for annoyance purposes. One thing that I dislike about the A10 is that it scouts too.