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    No wonder some hate you. You are good at this! To save space. How about putting the pictures together in one bigger picture at a lower quality?
  2. Refreshing. But... engi rush will be common. 2 close targets, 3 more at a distance through some tiberium. 1 noob, and you got yourself the engies payed back. 2 noobs, and it is a profit. Maybe do something against this?
  3. Despite the disconnects, those where fun matches for me. I still feel sorry for the red player. His ally didn't even help properly. While easily having a same sized army like mine. I knew that I would not get help from Nicholas since he was really new to the game. A risk I was willing to take. To bad I forgot reds name by now (shitty short term memory). Because I certainly deem red worthwhile being my ally the next time. 1 mistake, and I was the goner. The TD match was a basic, "we start with 50k and I pick GDI" kind of opponent. I went buggies, bikes and appache against him any ways. And a couple of flame tanks and flamethrowers against his 40 infantry units. Might as well spend those 50k asap if you know what I mean. I only used 1 refinery all the time too. This was the moment to get 3 more refineries.
  4. Sigh. Why???? Then don't play. Jeezzz And another one!! Come on, my ally didn't even show himself. Please note, he left by disconnect because his ally (red) got defeated honourable and fighting alone against me.
  5. Remove the capturable buildings. And that map is good to go.
  6. Looking for fun ideas for game "modes"

    IDK. Let me pull some stuff from my time on SC. But with C&C in my mind. Only game styles, not new units. 5 vs 1 map/4 vs 2 map. A phantom game. Which is similar to a wolf game. You don't know who has to die to win. And that person, if any good, will hide. Simply make sure that each harvester brings in twice the money for that phantom player. Or the phantom receives extra money right from the start or each second. Sniper paintball. This is CTF and automatic respawn. Compstomp. I am sure the AI will not work. However, you can give a shitload to the AI. Simply make sure all those tanks are stuck at first behind walls and towers. So that players have time to gather resources. Resources need to be on an all time low. So that it is a challenge, even to professional players. The primary goal of players should be that they can work a way to each other. So that they can start working together. Defences that are both GDI and NOD are to be taken down by GDI AND NOD players. Aka, SSM launchers with Mammoth Support. A new idea occured to me regarding crushing infantry. "How about they do damage when crushed" is an old one. But this might be doable. How about that when they are crushed, they fire 5 times (or more) on whatever is crushing them. This means that flamethrowers are fun to run over. But bazooka men are better being shot from a distance. Hmmm, I don't know if a tank survives crushing 5 bazooka any way.
  7. Viceroids - new CnCNet checkbox?

    I had a commando in a crate with some other infantry. In the first 15 seconds. Walked right into the enemies base. Told him to untick the crate box. How about this? Several viceroids attacking. 1 is focussed on each player. At least that keeps the despair fair.
  8. Production speeds for structures/units

    Maybe exactly like those in Dune2 http://tasvideos.org/GameResources/DOS/Dune2.html
  9. Production speeds for structures/units

    It isn't just speeds. The projectile randomness in damage is still a guess for C&C as well.
  10. Viceroids - new CnCNet checkbox?

    viceroids do a lot of damage if untended. Which is very determining in a 1v1 match that might be close. They often start at the first second harassing my CY. Not amused. I rather see them spawning from a tiberium field by dead infantry then a "no reason to" kind of spawn. And only once every 30 infantry or so.
  11. It needs to grow. Ban 4 troll players to gain 1 decent behavior one Giving new players a safe haven is what a pro with honor should do. Back in the sc time. Sometimes I only observe a 2-4 player game of newtimers. Not playing myself. Giving hints to the weakest player. And letting the stronger player know that he/she is ahead in the game.
  12. The turd warning is your better idea. Plus seeing a ranking. New players might find each other easier that way. Encourage players to set up their friend list. And their personal white/black list. I had one on paper with sc. Later on in excel. Same for UT. Simply banning players from my room and games. Other players considered me a demi-admin. And loved to start from my chat room in sc or went to my server in UT. Ahhhh. Those glorious waste of time-time. Anyway. Anyone can do this. Trolls are forced to make new accounts to being able to troll. Real players will become a village type society. Knowing each other. Only playing with each other.
  13. Tech level 3 has buggies, right?

    Forgot his name. The thing is. I did know that it was tech 3. I did see the map and thought of it as a challenge against a GDI in close quarters. But it included me thinking I could start with buggies. Thus whiping the grenadiers off the map asap and take down the factory with raw buggy power asap. Ignoring the few tanks at that moment. I wished him the best of luck finding as much people to troll as possible. He was a silent one. Must be angry at life
  14. Tech level 3 has buggies, right?

    Well, Nyerguds word will be final on this one regarding the tech. But I see where the choice comes from. The manual that I got with C&C95 has some other mistakes as well. Like the build times. Regarding the hit and run tactics. I have no doubt that my skill would have beaten the guy if he chosen a more open map. And it is often my way of pausing a GDI player. There is some risk to the initial rush while playing a money map. Hit and run with bikes doesn't work when the wall you play in is only about 8 wide. And previously only 2 wide guarded with grenadiers. This means, no trespassing towards the base. And a head on with bikes against tanks doesn't work since there is almost no flanking in such a situation. And those grenadiers again. Besides, he had grenadiers. My only choices then are either rifle infantry (insufficient), flamers (can't use them in groups), light tanks for crushing (those tanks). What would you pick? I also wanted to use bazooka against his tanks. But those grenadiers man. That map he had chosen was a GDI friendly map. That I couldn't get buggies was my downfall. Maybe he picked that on purpose?
  15. Those first 3 from Jordan. I have fought with them as well. Simply don't play with them. Of course, all the new players won't join CnCnet, but that is the choice of the admins. There is notching you can do about it Chem. Except playing with people who do care about sportsmanship. Personally, I would not let these players know they are being flagged. Simply change their name into troll for a month if they go into the lobby. And only after a lot of proof too. Some (probably most) people who glitch out didn't choose for it. I know that I sometimes glitch out as well. And when I get the feeling that the other party was winning or had a good chance. I simply PM them that they won that match.