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  1. X3M

    C&c maps

    Make sure you have the Nyerguds version. I am 99% sure you have this one. But double check to be sure? It should be displayed in the menu, somewhere.
  2. X3M

    C&C:Rivals change

    They still fail man, they still fail. Games that do so much better: Dune 2, Project Y, Warfare Inc. and Art of War 3. Are 4 RTS games on my phone that do so much better. The last one is new to me, but shows somewhat a same system for upgrading units and also a pay to win system. But... it still has a single player campaign. That is so much win, even today.
  3. X3M

    How can new people learn? (standard of play)

    There is one thing that I learned over the years while dealing with people that show introvert behaviour. Let them be. ... Only when they want to be part of the more experienced club. They will be forced to play the way the experience play. If they don't want to, a kick to their butt to show them the way out. Sometimes the best way to get people in, is to show them out. I believe there is ranked play out there of some form. How about making those matches only valid with the settings that you are suggesting?
  4. X3M

    How can new people learn? (standard of play)

    Maybe a trigger that gives a set ammount of money per second. That instead of the big number that they want to use. So games with over 20k will all get 0 and a 25?/s income without a refinery? Just throwing in a suggestion. KKnD.....loving the game more and more.
  5. X3M

    "Useless" units

    Well, the title says "useless" units not useless units I might be wrong though; that the " " has a different function in other countries.
  6. Your topic, your call. Me moving on.
  7. X3M

    "Useless" units

    That is a brilliant answer. I never knew that they add more weight to units. But wouldn't that be a relative overpriced solution to enemy units to be dealt with?
  8. Sure I see the bumps. But reactions to certain posts should be kept in honor. Or else the whole topic doesn't make any sense. Better to put links to video's in new posts. Instead of editing the very first post over and over again. Or put all links in chronological order in the first post, preferably with date. I am sure you have noticed that most reactions are in subject of the rivals post that has disappeared. Not the other posts that are written over it. Before I saw your last bumb, one more was made before it. Doest that mean that I didn't even see the other edit? Stuff like that get people to get pissed, indifferent or totally starting to ignore.
  9. Are you trying to change the topic? That is bad. Very bad. Unfair to any one who posted reactions too. It isn't even like we lashed out to you. Only the game. Now most posts don't really make sense for new readers. Just to be informative to anyone else reading this topic for the first time. The original post was about C&C Rivals. The mobile game. HiTzBryan liked it. We didn't (for obvious reasons)
  10. X3M

    Do you guys play KKnD2?

    I bet you would like to see for example, the Survivors against GDI. Zerg against NOD. Protoss against Ordos. Weird shit like that.
  11. X3M

    Do you guys play KKnD2?

    Then it would be called rtsnet.
  12. X3M

    Do you guys play KKnD2?

    I got myself the gog version for kknd 1. Multiplayer doesn't seem to work. But the rest is awesome. Has kknd 2 a working multiplayer? If so, I will get me a copy of that game as well. If not, I will await this open kknd.
  13. X3M

    Do you guys play KKnD2?

    I hope that you guys will implement everything that KKnD was about. But I can imagine that that will be a tedious task seeing what has become of TD and RA. Can't wait to finally show how to deal with snipers.
  14. X3M

    How can new people learn? (standard of play)

    You know, this discussion has been done a bit to much for my taste. I don't think things are going to change. A button that says "normal game". Setting money to 10k. No crates. And only allows for normal maps. I see no other option. And right now, all we can do is wait until the admins take action.
  15. X3M

    Do you guys play KKnD2?

    With a little help, I succeeded. First step, get dosbox 0.74. Any other dosbox is to old. Second step, get the kknd iso (for free, no one may ask money for it) The following 2 steps are vague for me, and they might be wrong. You need to mount the directory of where you want to install the game to c. Then mount the directory of where your iso is located to d. I don't know if an iso works in dosbox by itself, or you need a secondary programm to get it working. I had the latter, so I had to mount f:+etc. to d. Just like in dos, go to " d: ". And you would end up in your iso. Then type install To play, you can go to " c : " and find the directory of kknd. When you find kknd exe, you can type kknd. The game will play. I guess I should edit this post once the suggestions come in of how to explain more properly. My major mistake was that I was using the wrong dosbox. So start there, I guess.