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Red Alert Crashes in Windows 7


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I started playing RA1 on cnc-netvork last night and it worked perfectly. Today when i tried to open the program, the program crashed right away. All i see is a flicker with the ra start screen in about half a second. then it returs to windows. Ra is still open but i can't seem to open the ra window. What to do?



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cnc-network? What's that? :P


Where did you get Red Alert and exactly when does it crash? Does it crash when you start it without CnCNet? (aka not running cncnet.exe but ra95.exe)


From redalert1.com, It crashes right when i click the exe-file.

cncnet.exe and ra95.exe both crash. The cncnet.exe show "the connecting count down" and then crashes. But i would not call it a crash because the exe file does not shut down, it is stil open but i can't enter the window. I hope you can follow my explaination, thanx for your help :-)

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