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I explain why i changed my name


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This post is made because people keep asking 24/7 and this answer the questions for everyone 

first of all no lee-13 name will never come back sorry i hate the name lee-13 & my wish is for people use my new name {Spro}sin

I explain why


first of all the name lee-13 is a mistake something that take years to undo 

its ok if people i used to be know as lee-13 am not trying hide who i am but am also not trying to be famous ether 

for new players who join the lobby they come to know me as sin


why the name change why i hate lee-13 but like (Spro)Sin 


reason 1

there is a lot i dislike about the old name it also reminds me of my old self which i also dislike

under the name lee-13 i said a lot stupid things and behaved kinda crazy had big ego or just trolled telling lies 


reason 2 

the name lee-13 has a name meaning that i dislike and disagree with 

i don't like to be seen as a bruce lee type am not a fan of bruce lee also practice does not make perfect this point should really be a full blog of its own 

name lee gets mistake for being asian by race but am white & British and want people to know that 

number 13 gets mistake for age by new players and change the way they relate to me 


reason 3 

i often mod my name to reflect changes in my gameplay each and ever name of mine had its meanings

let me explain 

the name lee-13 is the most shallow of all my names was my fake persona name with fake personality  

under that name i was fake it till you make it i was a bit of a try hard player with big ego and i didn't show my true colors  


name leftie/lefty i do in fact still like this name 

i have some mixed feeling over the use of this name

do i really need point out am the only pro left handed player ?

i always been left handed person do everthing left handed but gaming when i get this name i started suiting out my main bottle neck i just can't play well right handed as a lefty 

so i changed to using my mouse in left hand keyboard in right hand 

at first i had to relearn everthing from the start on top of that the game had bugs unique disadvantage others didn't know of

there a leftle bug with right handed mouse changed to left handed with windows settings in ra1 making it very hard to right click it added a extra step just to right click 

it was a struggle but i rebuilt all my skills up but had a new bottle neck that holds me back that extra step in order to right click that right handed players didn't have 

so i had to buy a real left handed mouse 

when i got left handed mouse left and right click are reversed no more windows ra1 bug problems

but now i was the problem i learned a bad habit of tricking the mouse to right click with extra step with skillful timing 

i had to relearn to play again and break the bad habit the way the buttons work seen to be mostly normal

but i learned new trick and mastered it i learned a manual way to be able to use both q & gq same time a secret  unique advantage 



reason 4

i hated the name lee-13 wanted rid of it just needed a reason and a right time 

a new name change be best suited fix then it happened 

all the 13clan left me i had planed should the 13clan fall 13 be no more 

the game got a update patch that i hate near same time as this 

the update patch removed the way that used to work with tricking tanks into gq and q same time no longer works 

the very lee13 way of tanking gone forever and the lee13 clan gone too forever 

what made lee13 so powerful is gone so lee13 and the 13clan no longer exist too if i can't play like lee13 i can't be lee13 but i also don't want too anymore also my love for the game left and now i can see the game for all the flaws and problems clearly and am no longer blind to what is wrong with the game i feel like its more a job i hate to do but have too

basically i hate air and learned why no matter how good you are air just such a pain in the back side and none fun part of the game 

also i don't like not being the best coming to terms with this is hard 


this way of seeing the game  is a very unlike lee13 way of seeing things i learned i have limits that i can't hide and dislike of the game ra1

kinda off topic but

i can only get so good no matter how hard i try also lefty struggles with gaming being born a lefty am ill suited for pro gaming 

lefty gamers have permanent disadvantage in gaming  unfavorable condition being born a lefty into a right handed would are brains are not even wired the way they should be we use the wrong side of are brain 


reason 5

i had a smurf user name sin far less famous more normal and it not as new as a name people think i used this name under cover as me 

i wanted a fresh start with tanking focus to be a pro tanker with hotkeys and shift so i forced myself to use shift that is slower for me and makes my tanks even weaker and weakens my focus also i use more complex hotkeys many teams even if its at the cost of my gameplay skills 

this time i build from a good foundation with good principles play by the book learn the right way 

unlike lee-13 who was a base builder who only use basic hotkeys and radar and likes crazy game settings or his own 

lee-13 use crazy ideas and find ways out smart or out wet or out last others but the gameplay cut corners  

i grow a likely for the sin name but didn't want lee-13 gameplay to suffer from my practice 



reason 6

i just like the name (Spro)sin too much and its meaning is very much me

super pro sin 

am the sin of envy no really i am 

i know this might be weird i say this but its my true colors and how i feel

i envy others everone and deep down wish noone was able get good at anything because it means they can be better then me

also i envy a lot when someone has something i don't have its a really strong feeling too 

sadly people are too good and it sucks am not at least 2x better then the best player 

rather unhappy about this and don't know any game where i am by far the best and others can't master or learn to play well




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It is sad in a game where you can pick any user name you want at log in screen yet the community won't let other people choose the name they want to have

People should have the freedom to have what ever name they want also be free play what maps they like etc 

Am sorry but no i will not be bossed about like this 

As a community we need to let people be free to have fun not force a label on people

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