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spanish translation ts client 6.05


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this pack should translate voice, mission videos, ingame menu and text/briefings to spanish language, the firestorm videos have subtitles i would give credit but dont know the autor, anyway keep in mind this is just fan´s atempt at adapting the spanish vercion language to this client, it was not maded by the tsclient developers and it may not work online, so install at your own risk.

INSTALLATION: just uncompres to your ts client folder and oberride when asked.


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Hi i'm new on this forum, i just wanted to ask you if this client requires a pre-installed ts or i just need to uncompress it?


Hola bro, soy nuevo por aqui, buscaba desde hace años un TS totalmente traducido. solo tengo esa duda, necesito tenerlo preinstalado o solo necesito descomprimirlo?



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