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Comments Showing Up Late


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I'll try to keep it short.

If new members' posts/comments require manual approval by the moderators to be published (as it seems), that should be fixed ASAP, and I'm saying fixed because it's a problem.

Some comments are not showing up until it's too late, like after weeks of being posted!
Timestamps clearly show that they've been posted days/weeks ago, but no one was able to see them before.
Sorry to say, but, regardless of the reason, that is killing this community.

I mean, new members are the ones who need help the most, they need to feel welcome, they expect interaction, but because of that problem, they're not getting any of that.
They come excited and leave disappointed that nobody cared to comment on their posts or provide them help, so after days of waiting for any response, they'll probably leave forever.

Just look how many members have single posts with no replies, and notice that, in many cases, their last visit was few days after posting their topics, which indicated that they abandoned the community out of frustration.

See this post for example, and there are many others.
YosefAnan & I didn't see OP's last comment until yesterday, although he posted it a week ago.
We both saw each other's comments, but not his, even though his was posted earlier!

All posts must be published immediately.

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