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Missing game modes/No "Crate War"?


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In the original version of C&C RA2 YR there were many more game modes including crate war and others.

Are there plans to add the rest to cncnet?

Is there a way to manually re-add them?

My friends and I enjoyed the chaos that crate war brought, even if it was an RNG mess, and we love that Cncnet makes it super easy to connect without janky mods/software and VPNs and would love to play the various game modes that are missing in Cncnet

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On 5/28/2022 at 7:12 PM, wazzupdog said:

In the original version of C&C RA2 YR there were many more game modes including crate war

The Crate War mode was part of an unofficial mod which had different units, buildings, special effects, and extra crates.
The mode itself is not supported by CnCNet, but similar elements can be found in some modded maps. Some have different units, others have special effects or extra crates or all of that.

For example, this version of the popular Extra Small map has extra crates:

This version of OIL has modded units:

and I remember playing a funny version of Tour of Egypt which had special visual & sound effects, and other crazy mod maps which I don't know the names of.
In one version of OIL, if mid oil is destroyed by anyone, a devastating meteor shower would hit all spots on the map.

All those map mods can be done with the help of the Final Alert map editor.

I think this is the mod that includes the Crate War mode:

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