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News from around the C&C community!


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I have been to lazy when it come to this.


There has been a lot happening in the Command & Conquer community. Mod annoucements etc.


Command & Conquer Comunications Center this week:


SyS has stopped recreating Westwood chat because the old one was as good as it gets. SyS has also accomplished much when it comes to Sole Survivor, he has created SS game channels but XWIS does not respond to the Sole Survivor commands so we have to wait untill SyS gets a dedicated server up before we can even think about playing Sole Survivor.


Other Command & Conquer Sites


Project Perfect Mod - http://www.ppmsite.com


The guys from Tiberian Oddyseey has posted many interesting pictures from there mod, consept arts etc. it looks pretty cool you can see the topic here.




News from the official Command & Conquer sites - (I usally don't post much about the official websites)


The Red Alert 3 website has got a whole new layout! And there it a lot more stuff there now than earlyer. Got to http://www.ea.com/redalert/ .


Other news


Nyerguds has released a new high resolution patch for Tiberian Dawn!


I've been busy... :)


This totally rewritten patch allows you to switch C&C95 to 1024x768 resolution and back without needing any additional tools. The game will read the resolution setting straight out of the game's original configuration file on startup, and adjust the game resolution accordingly. The config file can be edited with the updated configuration tool, which is included in the pack.


This also means that, unlike in the older patch, you can still play the game in its normal resolution, even after installing this.


The exe file is fully patched with VK's 1.05 patch and Komfr's stealth crash fix, so this is the latest version and then some more ;)



More information and the downloads are here


Many do not know this but there is still Sole survivor players around! They are gathering at http://solesurvivor.freeforums.org if you are a sole survivor player, make them a visit!


The final thing in this news post is kinda sad, a once great command & Conquer site has been taken down. This site is Savage War, I usally visited this site, it had lots of downloads and was fairly active but it didn't last. Go to http://www.savagewar.co.uk/ to see Clazzy's (the admin) message.


That was all I can write for now. :)

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