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Is there still a modding community for RA2/YR?


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I've browsed the internet for a bit and it seems that modding content is usually a decade old, and only in the base game (not CNCNet), which I can't use due to Origin not exactly being good and thus the game straight up not working.


Does CNCNet have a modding community, or resources on creating/adding modded content to the game? 

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cncnet as it is here is mostly used by players of the OG game. there are a number of people who actively mod the base game in the form of mod maps at any given time; you can find and play them mostly through file share in multiplay lobbies.

there are a number of more heavy-duty mod projects actively in development as well; your best bet for finding them is to go to moddb and look for ra2 mods there.

with that said, virtually all modern mods use some modded version of the cncnet client, so if cncnet works with the origin version, then the mod probably will as well. if not, you could resort to downloading the free xwis version of ra2 into a seperate folder, dumping in the .exe and .mix files from your legit copy, and then using that as the boiler plate for any mods or cncnet

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