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Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge: no Maps folder?


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A fool's question, of course, but I've scoured the net and found nothing helpful in this regard, so here goes.


I just bought the game from Origin to install custom maps, and every single tutorial keeps saying to "place the .map files in the Maps folder". 

Problem is, there is no Maps folder for me. I used to the search function and nothing turned up.

Should there be a Maps folder, or do I have to create it myself? 

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you need to get the cncnet package for ra2 and install it first, the maps subfolder is part of that package; put the custom skirmish maps with the .map extension into the custom folder and they will be playable when you launch ra2 from the cncnet launcher.

if you are trying to play campaign maps instead, then you will have to put the campaign map file directly into the ra2 folder and launch the game from the legacy .exe. this is because the legacy game actually reads maps from the game folder and cncnet doesnt support campaign mode

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.mpr and .yrm are the file extensions for maps from ra2 and yr respectively. to get them to work in the cncnet launcher, you need to change the file extension to .map, have the maps in the custom map folder, and be using the launcher and not the vanilla game. if you are doing all that but still dont see the maps, be sure to check under the different game types in the skirmish games screen as not all maps will appear in all map selections

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