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Help getting Yuri's Revenge to start on windows 10.


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Hi, so I installed RE2 and YR from WindowsPixel guide. I installed the black screen fix, where you change ForceDirectDrawEmulation to 1 and add the files to directory. I then installed the CNCNet and play online, which appears to be the newest version as show in the help topic here. I am currently not trying to play online. Ra2 loads fine. YR however will not load. The screen will appear to try and change the resolution of the desktop, then it goes to a black screen and closes out. I'm assuming that was what the black screen fix was for but it doesn't appear to work.

In the help topic here for troubleshooting first launch. My RA2md.ini file does not contain ClientResolutionx and y. It simply says screen width/height. I tried lowering from 1024x768 to 800x600 but it did not fix. I as well do not see any Renderer under compatibility.

I tried replacing the ddraw file with the one listed on here and that did almost the exact same thing except screen stayed big the entire time. I did save a copy of the original ddraw so I can easily go back if I need to.

Thanks in advance.

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Just an update. If I play via the cncnet then Yuri's Revenge will work and I can skirmish the cpu. The black screen fix is needed for in game, w/out it when you play the game the screen will just be black. I can play Ra2 launching directly from my PC w/out needing the cncnet client but not YR. The only way I can play YR is via cncnet. I wonder if this means I need an online connection to just skirmish the pc for YR. At any rate I guess this is better than nothing.

I have the original disc from 20 years ago when I bought the game. I was able to get it to work on my pc with windows 7 but not 10. It's so annoying. I wasted money on an external cd drive to try and install this game on a laptop w/windows 10 but it wouldn't work. I am still curious as to why YR will not launch on it's own and requires going through the cncnet client where as RA2 doesn't need to.

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Sadly original Ra2 CD's wont run on Windows 10.

About Yuri's Revenge, it's depending on the system and graphic card, on some systems Ra2 work and YR not, and in some others it's Ra2 the one that doesn't work good.

In your case I'd delete everything and install again from a non-cd installer or origin.

Forget about ddraw.dll and forcedirectdrawemulation, the CnCNet Client does everything itself and modifying/replacing these obsolete files only can cause problems.

When you have the CnCNet Client installed and Updated, enter the options menu and make dure your using CnCDDraw render.

Then search for ra2.exe and ra2md.exe and set compatibility modes to WinXP SP3 on both.

For last open Ra2.ini and ra2md.ini, and copy the [VIDEO] paragraph from ra2md.ini to ra2.ini and save it.

Now both games  should be working no problem on high resolution modes.

PS: Dont use weird resolutions such as 1370 x 768, always common resolutions like 1280x720, 1600x900, 1920x1080 etc

I'm posting a new video on my channel about how to get the whole game working, maybe in one or two weeks. Cheers.

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