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Custom Campaign/maps keeps crashing ??


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Hello Guys
Even though i followed various guides i cant seem to get custom maps to work.
I recently download and tried to play the Custom Campaign Allied Retribution
But it crashes everytime, ive tried a variety of ways and followed a bunch of guides online and nothing seems to work

Same goes for the remade campaign made by Mad HQ the maps load up and after a little while they crash, or when i try to load a saved game 
So i can see the maps, they are placed correctly and everything, i can enter them, but then it crashes everytime
And yes i have the yuris revenge installed from Cnc net, and i did fresh installs to make sure there wasent any other mod at the time

The fail message is at all instances "Yuris Revenge has encountered an external error and is unable to continue normally"

The funny thing is i had no problems playing Mental Omega or the Flipped missions
But for some reason i cant play the above mentioned campaigns
Please help guys )

Images below is from when im trying to play Allied Retribution



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so the cncnet client that we use for multiplayer doesnt support campaign (even though the underlying client it self can), meaning that you will have to play the maps from the OG game launcher instead of the client, and the .map files will go directly into your ra2 folder instead of in the client's map sub-folder

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