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RA2SW discussion (Split from Oil Refinery)


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I hear you White--I feel the same way about a lot of the stuff I make, and don't get the encouragement. :) Still this is about you: you are doing a great job, the only other refinery I know about is Nyer's one for his C&CSW one and the harvester was a little weird on that (yes I know this is RA).

The harvester, power plants and hover bike were the original units pack the mod started from. I know it looks weird, but I didn't make it.


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RA2? I guess it makes since than you can use things from the old SW RTS games....

lol. Is C&C2SW for "C&C2" then? "RA2SW" means "RA to SW", nothing else. It was for RA1 :P


We did use some Galactic Battlegrounds graphics, mind you. I still remember converting those walkers.

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