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I am beginner at editing map and did all the tutorials but I am stuck.

I am trying to modify an existing working map.

I have a working map in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Command and Conquer Red Alert II\Maps\Yuri's Revenge\Mod Maps and its name is oil.map with oil.png.  When i load yuri, i can see the maps as "oil" in the "Mod Maps" in game mode.  So everything is fine.

I want to modify this map.   So, i copy and paste that map as a copy. I then rename the copy from oil-copy.map to mytesting.map in the same directory. Did the same for the png and its name is mytesting.png.  

In the final alert 2, in edit->basic ,  I have changed the name from "oil" to "mytesting"

However, when i load Yuri i cannot see that map.  I still the original map "oil" but i cannot see mytesting.map. why ?




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Hi i also have an issue. I am using cncnet.

i tried to modify one of the maps thats is in the mod folder (which is also the mod maps

as game mode) using text file. I did a

small change. Changed the name of the map and also the speed game in the basic section using notepad, but in the cnc client the name did not change. Also, when i try to play this modified map in multiplayers online, i cannot play it anymore.  Cncnet client is telling me the map is different from the other online players.  Are mod maps loaded on the server? How did cncnet say it is different from others even though i changed the map name?

I am just trying to modify an existing map to make it a “tank only” map with a different map name in cncnet but no success so far.

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copy the map and give it a new filename as well as a new internal map name. custom maps can be fileshared automatically in the lobby no problem, but if you try and overwrite or change an existing map then it might throw out some anti-cheating measure. make sure the filename AND the internal map name are different that the original; cncnet will be reading out of the Red Alert 2→Maps→Custom map folder, and it will be looking specifically for a .map extension file so make sure your editor hasnt saved it as .yrm or .mpr

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When you use final alert 2, you can save map as the following game mode

Standard, Meatgrind, Naval War, Nuke War, Air War, Mega Wealth, Land Rush, Cooperative & Team Alliance

However i dont see see "mod maps".  Where are "mod maps" saved and what are "mod maps" and how can I create a "mod maps" map in Final alert 2 ?


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mod maps and official maps are special sections; maps hosted in those categories have been selected by cncnet and are hosted globally to all players via updates instead of through fileshare. so you cant just add maps to that subsection.

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