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CnCNet needs a web developer!


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Late post is late. hifi posted this topic 11 days ago calling for a web developer (among other things) for CnCNet 5, if you have the skills and the time feel free to apply! (by asking hifi on #cncnet on irc.freenode.net)


Now, about CnCNet 5. It will be a lot like the long buried CnCNet 3.1 or whatever I called it back then but more awesome. These are the highlights:


* Full web interface to chat and create game lobbies, no LAN lobby in between, you get in-game directly from your browser

* Big online map database to choose from, no need to download maps anymore

* Password protected game rooms & moderated chat - no more spammers!

* Less OOS problems with Red Alert because the game is freshly started for every game (rules.ini reloading problems in the game)

* C&C will get a full 6 player online support later from the same web interface


As you can see, CnCNet 5 is very much web and Red Alert oriented. I'm addressing the demand that I currently see in the community.


Because CnCNet was originally about C&C, I'm also putting a lot of work into getting full online support for it too.


So what about Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2 and their mods?

They will be supported through CnCNet 4 until they gain CnCNet 5 support. It's not planned yet as I have limited time and resources.


In another news

CnCNet 5 is heavily web based, so it needs web developer(s). If you are or know a real good web developer, let me know! The required skill set would include:


* JavaScript with jQuery

* Object-oriented PHP 5.3+

* Strong relational SQL knowledge (SQLite and MySQL)

* Zend Framework

* MVC (with Zend)

* Years of experience in all of above, if you are a professional web developer, you should qualify

* Love for the games


I have strong requirements for this "position", but I want quality and I can only work with professionals. If no one pops up, it will just take longer.


UI designer would also be nice to work on UX.

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