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New to the game, need guidance


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I am a long time RTS games player, and I play them very competitively (not a for fun gamer). My father wanted to challenge me, but he doesn't play any games for the last 20 years, so he challenged me in red alert 1. After looking up the game, I asked him if we could play red alert 2 or 3 (seems like a much easier process honestly), but he refused and only wants to play red alert 1 with me. I would like to do that anyway, so I need a few things:

- Is this even possible? I did download the game from your website, but I am not sure if that's all I need for multiplayer? Need to download something else? I used gameranger to play Crusader long time ago, can it be used for Red alert as well?

- If the answer to question 1 is yes, then my next question is, where can I find some basic tutorials so I can learn the game asap? I need to be able to beat him, and he played it for years when he was my age. I found a hotkeys tutorial on youtube from your website, but nothing more than that.

Any kind of help is greatly appreciated :D

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