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And I also have a proposal.
The briefing feature in the client is poorly done. The briefing is displayed by default, and closes the map preview. This looks ugly. This is unacceptable. And this is irrational. The player only needs to read the briefing once, then they know the features and do not need to read the briefing again, however, it is displayed constantly, closing the preview. This is the problem that must be solved necessarily, sooner or later.

I would like to use the briefing feature for my maps because my maps have some mods, however I don't use the briefing because it ruins the preview.

I propose to implement the briefing function using the "briefing" button placed under the map preview. By pressing this button, a briefing will appear. But by default it will not be displayed and obscure the map preview. The player, at will, will press the button and display the briefing. If the map does not have a briefing, the button will be absent or inactive.

My suggestion is something that must be done without a doubt.
Because that's how it should be. It's logical, it's convenient, it's right.

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