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  1. Do the guys have any desire to tackle that problem? It still needs a solution.
  2. Yes, indeed, planes are rarely used. Black eagles look good though. It might be worth adding armor to them, or lowering the cost. I'm just worried about the question that sometimes noobs will raid 8-12 black eagles to kill your base at the beginning of the game. I often use the inaccuracy of their strike to save the base. If they become accurate, it will become a problem.
  3. This is how it should work. The Soviets do not have gap generators, the Soviet side as a whole is heavier and more clumsy and inert. But it has good air defense. In general, the balance is in place. Each side has its pros and cons. Air defense is the strong point of the Soviet. However, the air defense of the alliance is more effective against the Kirovs (land and naval). And besides, do not forget that rocketeers are also air defense, and especially if they are promoted by spies. I am sure there is a complete balance here. By the way, about the ships. Let them try to do the same as they did in video, but so that the aeges float away from the rocketeers. The result will surprise you (here again, the skill of the player is important). And flak boats cannot shoot in motion. It is also quite balanced.
  4. I checked flack troopers. Yes, the problem was confirmed. Guys, we need to fix this. I'll fix it for my maps anyway. But that must be fixed for the whole game. It have to be: [FlakGuyAAGunE] Damage=20
  5. In general, maybe we should create and pin a topic where we will discuss various bugs and make joint decisions on fixing them? There are many bugs and some of them can be easily fixed. Guys from the team, what do you think about this? I could provide a whole list at once.
  6. As for the flak guy should be checked additionally. It looks really weird. But that's not what the guys changed in the rebalance patch. [FlakGuyAAGun] ; Separate from Flak Cannon weapon so that stats may be tweaked Damage=20 ROF=25 Range=8 Projectile=FlakProj ; AA bullet shared with Flak Cannon Speed=100 Report=FlakTrackAttackAir Warhead=FlakGuyWH Anim=GUNFIRE [FlakGuyAAGunE] ; Separate from Flak Cannon weapon so that stats may be tweaked Damage=8 ROF=25 Range=8 Projectile=FlakProj ; AA bullet shared with Flak Cannon Speed=100 Report=FlakTrackAttackAir Warhead=FlakGuyWH Anim=GUNFIRE Burst=2 (?) If the problem is confirmed - it should be fixed for the whole game.
  7. Apparently, this is another fail of YR mod. in RA2 everything is fine. [NeutronRifle] Damage=8 ROF=120 Range=5 Speed=100 Projectile=InvisibleLow Warhead=ChronoBeam Report=ChronoLegionAttack IsRadBeam=yes [NeutronRifleE] Damage=16 ROF=120 Range=5 Speed=100 Projectile=InvisibleLow Warhead=ChronoBeam Report=ChronoLegionAttack IsRadBeam=yes
  8. I will repeat it again. The purpose of my criticism is not to offend someone, or just to grumble without any meaning. I am a big fan of the game RA2. This is my favorite game. I always admire her well-balanced troops. For me, this game is like chess, which is valuable for its accuracy. I see the negative experience of using the YR mod, and some other changes that killed the previously working functions, for example, Ore Spreading, or PsiSensor. And I want to warn you against making ill-considered changes. However, there is a long list of changes that need to be made to fix bugs and harmful things. About some I have created topics on the forum. I see some activity in the CNCNET team, this gives hope that the improvement of the game will be more active. Let's think together about what needs to be changed to fix bugs and other things. But in general, of course, CNCNET is a very progressive and wonderful thing with which RA2 has become much better. Great multiplayer platform! Simply the best.
  9. About a few modded units on my maps. As you may have noticed, I am extremely careful about any changes to the game. Therefore, each change to any unit was carefully thought out, tested many times and its parameters were carefully selected to the conditions of my particular map. In fact, of the significant changes there are only V3 rocket and Kirov. The rocket, because in the conditions of that map it was absolutely useless. I made it able to reach the small island close to the big one. It's the same with Kirov. On a naval map, it is extremely vulnerable to a very powerful ship's air defense, and given the large expanses of water, some minor changes will slightly facilitate the use of Kirov. In general, I think that this 2 units - Kirov and V3 should be individually tuned for each map separately (first of all, it concerns naval maps). Regarding the Grand Cannon on the Black Sea - I returned it at Burg's request, but I still think it's a mistake. This cannon is harmful on this very small map, where checkpoints play one of the most important roles. This cannon destroys them and completely disrupts the intended gameplay on this map. This cannon looks like an elephant in a china shop on this map. Once again I urge you to think about it. It is extremely harmful there. All my changes are very carefully checked and made taking into account the gaming experience on a particular map, but, of course, they cannot be applied to the entire game.
  10. now for each change it is specific: (I can’t comment on the units from Yuri revenge, I don’t know well enough) Regarding special units for specific countries - Of the Soviet countries, Iraq has a clear advantage, therefore, in my opinion, the rest of the special units can be improved. I agree with that. The same applies to the German tank. The rest of the special units are ok. Power Plant Price - I don't understand why this change? for all the years of the game, no imbalance was noticed. The rule should work here - if the need for changes is not obvious - do not change. The prism is an already very powerful and formidable weapon, obviously not in need of improvement. It is in its place. Improvement will lead to imbalance. Chrono legionnaire - ready to support, given the insufficient use of this unit in the game, including due to its high cost. Reducing the price here can be beneficial. Agree. Harrier, Black Eagle - Extremely negative change. The inaccuracy of the strike was incorporated into the game. It should be possible to avoid being hit with a certain chance. This is part of the gameplay, where the skill of the player is manifested. The patriot rocket is the same as with the planes. I often use the opportunity to get away from the rocket with a rocketeer, and often successfully, this is where the player's skill is manifested. This inaccuracy, I am sure, was deliberately thought out and incorporated. An extremely negative change. Great cannon - if the need for change is not obvious - do not change. (such a need is not obvious to me) IFV - the same as a patriot, plus why the number of missiles has been reduced? Elite IFV is a formidable weapon, and it should be so. Change is harmful. The IFV Sniper is a very harmful change. Terror drones are practically the only advice weapon against this fast sniper car. Do you want to strip the soviets of their last weapon and make that car invulnerable? Why was it done at all? The gap generator - if the need for changes is not obvious - do not change. Apocalypse tank - if the need for changes is not obvious - do not change. I never thought about some kind of inferiority of the apocalypse, which means that it is quite full. Players actively build and use it. Tesla trooper - if the need for change is not obvious - do not change. Flack Trooper - he was already quite balanced. Perfectly balanced. Perhaps these changes are due to the fact that you are playing in YR and there are overpoweredg GI, but that is a problem of GI and not a flak trooper. Change better GI, they obviously work damn wrong. Kirov - if the need for changes is not obvious - do not change. The desolator is again a problem of the YR. The effect of radiation is enhanced there. I can't confidently talk about YR, but in RA2 it works fine, but there is some problem with lag when activating the desolator. This is what it would be worth doing. Try to somehow reduce that lag. Dogs, engineers, trees, infantry - if the need for change is not obvious - do not change.
  11. It may seem that I am only complaining, but this is due to the fact that first of all you are talking about problems, because there is no need to talk about the merits, because everything is ok with them. Then, this time I'll start with the merits. You guys are doing a great job. CNCNET is a great project that has made RA2 very advanced. Before CNCNET, we played on a server with a maximum online capacity of 50 people on weekend days in the evenings. And there was a problem to recruit the necessary number of players to play. CNCNET has united the whole world, and this is wonderful. The fact that you added the ability to play to 8 players is amazing too! This is just a wonderful and most useful improvement. (Consider adding the ability for the 9th person to act as spectator in the game.) I will also say about fixing bugs, preventing cheats, this, of course, deserves only praise. Thank you guys for creating CNCNET. It is definitely a very progressive and evolving platform! Regarding "Multi Engineer", "No Dog Kill Engineer", "Destroyable Bridges", "Up to 100k" in credits "- I can say that I never use these functions, however, they are not a problem, because they are optional. As you may have noticed, I also wrote about the new patch. As long as it remains optional, it is harmless. I only expressed concerns that some changes could be applied to the main game. But how I understand now that you are not going to apply them to the main game. Now a little specifics on the new changes, and why it's bad. To begin with, I hate YR. I hate it on several levels .. First, for the terrible voice acting. When I hear "the water is warm" or "cash in a flash" and all the rest of the trash, I get sick. I am offended that a serious game, which was made by serious people, was turned into a cheap clownery. It's the same with units. Yuri's race is just a mockery. Crowds of zombies, Hulks and flying saucers are a mockery of a serious creation, which is RA2. The annoying creaking helicopters that turn blades into cannons and BFs that generally kill the gameplay and normal unit confrontation is ideotism. Why upset the balance in the power of GI? They are super powerful here, it is generally not clear how to deal with them. They parachute and demolish buildings. It is pointless to fight them with tanks, building a pillboxes is also pointless. Why did they made it? Indeed, in RA2 they were completely balanced. It was possible to crush them with tanks, build a pillbox. There was a perfect balance in RA2. IDEAL. If I were you, I would have thought about using the RA2 parameters for the GI in YR(maybe in your patch), rather than increasing their speed. I understand that 90% of people will jump to the ceiling with joy if more zombies, monsters from the movie Aliens3 are added to the game, if units will apear, that will shoot nuclear missiles from a machine gun, if maps will be filled with diamonds in 4 layers and put money not 100 000, but 10,000,000. But, there are players like me who prefer to play chess, instead of fighting chessboards and throwing queens and rooks, bruising each other. Therefore, I will ask you guys, support the RA2 regime. It is valuable for its classicism and conservatism. There are some bugs and non-working things there, it would be nice to fix them, but more on that later. To be continued.....
  12. Yes, as an option it is harmless. By the way, there is an idea to add a "no france" option to the lobby(like yuri side is disabled when RA2 is on). Think about it. Sometimes you have to write this phrase very often. Such an option would get rid of this.
  13. In general, I believe that any changes to the game should go through certain discussions and agreements. I think such changes should be approved unanimously, and only after that they should be implemented. From this patch I am ready to approve the changes to the chrono legioners, destroyer tank, demolition truck, terrorists, tesla tank range only (the rest is harmful). The rest of the changes are definitely harmful. I cant say anything about yuri side, because i play only RA2.
  14. As for the planes, too, they must have a percentage of inaccuracy. There should be a chance to dodge the missile. This is also an element of the game. I often use this inaccuracy to avoid losing base when attacking by planes. Do you want to make death from them inevitable? This is very bad idea.
  15. Ifv sniper will kill terror drones? Guys, most of these changes are unnecessary, and moreover, they are harmful. You have embarked on a bad road that can lead to the destruction of the delicate and verified balance that exists in RA2. GI is already overpowered in YR. Do you also make them faster? This is a big mistake. Prisms too. The only things that could be improved ara the Destroyer Tank and Tesla Tank. The rest is bad for the game. Most importantly, guys, don't ever apply such significant changes to the game itself. We can just leave this patch off, so you can do whatever you want with it. Add more zombies, aliens and dinosaurs there, let stones fly there and plasma throwers smash everything on the map to shreds. But, for heaven's sake, don't touch the main red alert. There are obvious bugs that are clearly harmful and need to be fixed. Better deal with them. Moreover, some of them are very easy to fix.
  16. On this map, military strategy turns into military-political. Here you need to understand very well who to attack and who to rely on, otherwise you will lose. In the last game, all 3 players understood this well. that's why this game went on for so long.
  17. We had a case that a person became AFK during the match. then the game ended, we started the next one, and the player continued to be afk even though he was ready in the lobby. Apparently, autoready should turn off automatically after 10 minutes, or at least after the start of the game. And one more problem has been identified. When returning to the lobby, not all players return from the game. But at the same time they are marked as "ready". And when loading the next match, they don't load. Definitely, autoready should be disabled when starting the game. There are many problems with this now.
  18. no bro, just look at the number of kills .. it was an intense game all this time .. played all night until morning. And, in fact, did not finished the game. Just one player disconnected. None of the three remaining players had a advantage at the time of the disconnect. The game could still go on for a very long time.
  19. games on oceania can be long ...
  20. I was told that the bug will be fixed in the next update.
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