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Aircraft Crash Damage


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So I've been playing around with the Tibedit for Yuri's revenge and was looking for a way to edit the crash damage that aircraft crashes cause. Now I've found that some of the aircraft such as Hornets, Spy Planes, Migs all have secondary or death weapons to dictate crash damage, but so far I haven't been able to find what dictates the damage for Harriers, Black Eagles, or Cargo planes. They don't have a secondary or death weapon, yet they still cause collision damage and I've not been able to find some sort of rules specific to aircraft. So does anyone know a way to edit the damage they cause on collision? 

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tibetid wow thats a blast from the past. most everyones been editing rules.ini in a text editor instead since forever...

anyways, im pretty sure that it goes off of the primary weapon, adjusted with the tag
defaulting to 1

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