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Can't play online or local at all


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Hi, and thanks in advance.


I don't speak English very well and I am pretty new to Cncnet.

I only played it few times in the past with someone who arranged the game.

I have tried to activate Cncnet, I didn't change anything in the program from the last game I have played.

Also, I activated the necessary updates as the game required me.

I really can't deliver "pro" details about my issue, other than the message I get whenever I try to activate a local or multiplayer session:

"yuri's revenge has encountered an internal error and is unable to continue normally", as seen in the scrrenshot attached.

* I tried to search in forums for a solution but didn't find it, just saw that others had that issue in the past *


Thanks again, I'd really love to play it with my brother, as we used to so long ago.


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