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Two more cheaters


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The one and only baktbd,  who fiercely defended that cheater I reported (as well as another by someone else in a later report), showed his true colors earlier today. He joined my game with the nick "jorge" along with one of his low-life, like-minded friends named "rdg" and they started unleashing cheats upon us. baktbd, who now goes by bill-gates, quickly built gaps (earlier than when most players would be fully teched up) in order to keep us from seeing him grind presidents and then starts making prism rhinos. He couldn't even keep his story straight, insisting most of the time it was all from crates and then at one point says that it's a modded version. However, I always select the official version as far as NOF is concerned. It was quite clear that no other player on the map had the ability to make such units, otherwise we probably would have too given the circumstances. He then later started making Yuri Clones even though I almost always disable Yuri and France--as was the case here.

As for rdg, he used a cheat which gave him the ability to fire clusters of V3 rockets from any range. He kept targeting my Soviet teammates' nukes. At one point, he was able to start SELLING MY BUILDINGS. What about the other players on their team... Hakan and DrDominio? Just like the prior incident, they too shamelessly went right along with the whole thing.

Screenshot (2953).png

Screenshot (2951).png

Screenshot (2947).png

Screenshot (2945).png

Screenshot (2961).png

Screenshot (2930).png

Screenshot (2959).png

Screenshot (2958).png

Screenshot (2957).png

Screenshot (2956).png

Screenshot (2955).png

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He came into another one of my games again earlier, using the nick "joinsin". Fortunately this time, all the other players had the decency to at least leave in protest. Then in the following game, I'm not sure exactly whom but a different player struck me again with the mass sell hack. No screen shots this time. At this point, it's just downright harassment and just really shows what sort of good for nothing degenerate these guys truly are.

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Had another one the other evening--nick was "bear". Again, I apologize for lack of screen shots this time. He did use the force sell a couple of times but what stood out the most was the FORCE QUIT hack. Unlike previous incidents, he happened to be on my team two games in a row but we didn't realize whom exactly was doing it until the second game was ending. We played against a group of very skilled players and in both games, he forced at least two players to quit. It was easy to tell because in all instances, the players being victimized were each well within our area and we had almost nothing left. Their reactions of the players in question immediately afterward made us realize someone was cheating. Come to think of it, rdg must have used this same hack against oloofdssdga (red player) in the game I originally posted about because he too was just about to trample jorge with his mass Apocs.

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