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Can any one tell what each of these do?


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I really want to know what each of these do
I am making some maps with attack trigger then I made a script told the team member to go to the exact location and then attack, but instead of those happened they're stuck.
I saw some of the example in other ppl maps. They checked some of these too, but I don't know what they use for.


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from what i recall from memory:
loadable: if the team has a transport, this flag says whether or not it can be loaded
full: if the teams is a harvester, this says that the harvester should be pre-loaded with ore
annoyance: tells the AI to keep re-filling this team no matter what (dont use this xd)
guard slower: just makes it guard slower
recruiter: when this team is made (via trigger action 4, or via ai triggers), it will attempt to recruit units that are set to recruitable
cargo plane: when used with trigger action 7, makes the team spawn in a cargo plane that drops the units at the team's 'waypoint'
whiner: might be obsolete but its supposed to alert the AI similar to the way attacking a miner does i think
loose recruit: pretty sure its obsolete
aggressive: makes the team scan for enemies more frequently and actively engage enemy units
suicide: tells the team to basically ignore any enemies and just beeline towards its objective
autocreate: ive heard it said this has to do with niche recruitment cases but im pretty sure its an obsolete holdover from older games
prebuild: pretty sure its obsolete
reinforce: like annoyance, but if the team gets completely destroyed the AI stops trying to refill its units
ontransonly: if the team is spawned, all units will be spawned inside a transport
avoidthreats: makes the team act like a harvester and pathfind around perceived threats
ion immune: was used in ts to keep units from being effected by ion storms
areteammembersrecruitable: this works along with 'recruiter', and the whole priority-based recruitment logic
transportsreturnonunload: not that reliable, but after unloading units the transport goes back to its previous waypoint and gets kicked from the team
isbasedefense: tells the AI that this is a basedefense team for the whole basedef team AI logic thing.
onlytargethouseenemy: not sure about this one honestly

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