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Origin of a 10-mission expansion pack dating back to 1996? Just curious.


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Hi Guys,

The mix file for the pack was created on 1996/08/08. I just would like to know who created it, and how it was first released - there is rumor that it was included in Russia-specific CD release of Covert Ops, and other clues (see below) further show its association with Cover Ops..

The attached picture shows your starting force in New Mission 002, after the initial battle, in which NOD units and visceroids try to attack your MCV, and well-positioned vehicles will eliminate them without taking much damage. The natural tree will mutate into a blossom tree. GDI occupies the northeastern plateau, and the enemy has three bases in the other quadrants. This makes Mission 002 one of the longest missions in the pack, but not too hard.

A view of the mix file with editor shows that the missions are modified from Covert Ops. missions, as even the mission names are kept in descriptions of ini. and bin. files. New Mission 002 was originally Hell's Fury. In the game menu, Missions 008 to 010 are listed as "NOD", but you actually play GDI in all 10 missions.

These missions may have been renamed "impossible missions" in CC Remastered. A gameplay video of Mission 002 is at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9zVzX4qug0.

I'll provide the mix file if asked for.




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This just seems like a player made mission pack.

If it is indeed from Russia than it might even have been made by pirates, or more likely taken from someone on the Internet, and sold as a CD compilation called Covert Ops in order to confuse people. 

In the 90's there were tons of these compilations featuring content stolen from the Internet which now ironically is the only source where you might find these old maps from sites or even BBS long dead.

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