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New Map - Face Off v1 [3 vs 3]


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New Map - Face Off v1 [3 vs 3]

I made this map for fun, I am giving players two of Yuri's initial soldiers and a free Black Eagle and a free Spy, a free Paradrop and a free Self Heal for tanks.
Crate will appear in three spots in the middle for two times, one for veterans and the second for armor, I have crates for cash by destroying the truck, and free war miner when destroying the farm silo, also firepower when you destroy v3 missiles.

I show in this picture the hole map:

Also for structures I give players Grinder to have another source of cash and Yuri Psychic Sensor as well to clear shroud. 

This is the map preview:


Put map and the image in the maps folder so you can see it on CnCnet client

I hope you like the map!
Enjoy it.


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