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The next major update (9.0) to the CnCNet client is now available to test


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The next major update (9.0) to the CnCNet client is now available to test on the Beta channel.

How to test

  • Select the "Beta" update from the Options > Updater menu. When prompted to download version "9.0.0.-net.7.29" click "Yes".
  • Schedule with a group of friends when you can play test the new client update together.

What needs testing:

  • Everything relating to the client needs throughly testing.
  • Creating lobbies as you would normally, skirmish games, changing any options, private messaging etc etc.
  • Test launching of games as this was a bug that crept into the release before. So long as it launches you can quit after 1-2 minutes of gameplay tests.  You do not need to play test games for a long duration. There will be no game changes in this update.


  • Client has been upgraded to use .NET7 Framework.
  • Client is no longer compatible with older operating systems like Windows XP. You must be on Windows 7 SP1 or later.

This update could be going live this month, it's important we catch any potential issues early.   If you experience any problems please post here so we can help.

Thank you for all your help.



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6 hours ago, ArabChuckNorris1 said:

What are the major changes with this update? Any major changes or just optimization/quality of game? 

Underlying framework of the main client changed to .NET7 framework.  We're hoping to get this update out and stable so we can continue to improve the client with new features. 

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Hello :) I've downloaded the update and everything looks just fine however there are no longer any rooms to join, I'm pretty sure he problem is with the new update cause the previous official version worked just fine and I'm playing this game for a very long time now. anyways thanks for this amazing community, hope you can fix the network problems as well.   

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