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  1. Quick question. I downloaded the mod, and placed it in my cncnet folder that has Yuri's revenge. But the game now wont load when I start it up from the lobby screen. Everyone loads but me. Did I do anything wrong?
  2. Has anyone created extra 2 player campaigns to play? I have completed the ones that come with the original game (the 2 player ones) and they were pretty fun and I was wondering if anyone made extra maps to play and for us to try out.
  3. pretty sure RA2 remastered would come first prior to generals, though I would love to see generals come back as well.
  4. This ^ If anyone knows please let me know I love the soundtrack from original RA2.
  5. This also happens if the game has run for so long, with so many units, that it crashes the game. We're talking thousands of active units on the map. Whenever you start RA2 YR Cncnet, check at the bottom of the board, it should say that YR is up to date. The most common reason for it is if your not on the latest update, which is what @dkeeton said.
  6. You should be okay on having high ping as long as you have decent internet connection. As far as I know, ping is based on distance and not speed of connection. Make sure you play on a server closest to you, that way your ping is lower, but I've had times in which my ping was high and since I do have fast internet I don't run into any sort of lag.
  7. Just a random guess but I think that they did this on purpose to put some ease on the servers, because of high traffic recently.
  8. I just thought about this right now so might as well share it, I think it would be a good idea to introduce a level system in RA2 YR, every game you play, you earn XP, leveling up. Wins count for more. Also if you hover over someone's name you could see Win/loss and disconnects. I know this is probably difficult to implement, but that would be good system in the game. As for the rewards for the lvling up, it's up to the developer (ofcourse nothing should affect gameplay). Sorry if this idea is already talked about, only recently started following the forums, -ACN
  9. Yeah the server is working now, thanks guys
  10. Whenever I host lobbies (which is almost always), I've had to switch the server to something farther than me, which does suck because no one likes lag. Why's the servers not working for LA servers/Miami servers? I'm in LA and connecting to all the way to east europe does suck. Is it due to funding? if so how much does it cost to run it because if its not as much then I'm willing to donate monthly to just keep my lil LA server working -ACN
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