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Red Alert 2 How add a faction ?


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Hello everyone, I am new to the world of modding and although I am doing quite well in the Rules.INI and Artmd.INI Files I still have not understood how to add factions (Example: Create a name faction playable with its own MCV and that we can see it in skirmish) I do a lot of research for months without finding any useful information in this case... even the subject is barely discussed or even non-existent!?!?! As a result. I'm posting this to try to find help, thank you!



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i never messed with it a whole lot, but what i do know is that the countries and sides are all hardcoded in. engine extensions like ares are supposed to remove the limitations and let you add more countries; though it looks like you are working with the cncnet client files though, which runs on vanilla meaning it isnt possible.

though i hear cncnet has been experimenting with adding the engine extensions, im not sure where that project is at or if its implemented or not. maby someone that keeps up with the client updates can say more about it.

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