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Maximum queued Objects


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I have been trying to create a custom map that allows you to queue up more than 30 units at a time, as clicking allot is annoying.


I believe the correct key is MaximumQueuedObjects=99

However in final alert 2 i cannot find which INI key to use.


Please help.

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so MaximumQueuedObjects= is a rules.ini tag and rules tags generally dont have settings in FA2. you can put modified rules code into a map though. there are 3 ways to do it

1 ) if its just a small snippet of code, you can do it manually in the INI editor in FA2. so in this case just go edit>ini, and click 'add' an ini section, enter 'General' since the key "MaximumQueuedObjects=" is under the [General] header in the ini. then go to that section, and add the key and input "MaximumQueuedObjects=99" and your done

2 ) if you are doing a lot of ini editing at once, then create a new ini file and write in all of the edits you want to insert into the map. in this case you would just write
save the ini, and hit "insert another INI file content in fa2 and insert it. this is how I usually do map modding

3 ) if you really know what you are doing... you can run the map through the ra2 map tool to de-compress the map code, then open the map in a text editor and input the entries directly into the map. the merit of doing it like this is it makes testing changes much faster, but opening and saving it in fa2 will re-compress the file

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