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Convert Official RA2 Map Packs (complete 1-12) for use with CNCNET


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Hi good people, happy season.

One help here. How can I convert 'Convert Official RA2 Map Packs (complete 1-12)' with .mmx files to .map? The objective is to use in CnCNet. With 'Official YR Map Packs (complete 1-5)', changing the extension to .map was enough.



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i think an mmx was actually a specialized .mix file that had the map + other data in it. if thats the case, then you may need to use xcc mixer to extract the .mpr from the .mmx 'mix' before changing it to .map

on a side note, i wonder why we dont have this format of maps anymore. could in theory allow map packets to contain extra data opening new doors for map modders.

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