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CnCNet 2023 Wrap-up & Happy new year


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Hey everyone - as 2023 has come to an end, we're looking back on what CnCNet has achieved.

Firstly, we would like to send a huge shoutout to all who pitched in - whether with code, social media love, or supporting us through our open collective.

Secondly, thank you to our amazing community. Many have helped sponsor some exciting tournaments, map making competitions, delivered some amazing streams and it just shows Command & Conquer is still alive and kicking! 

Lastly, we hope you've enjoyed playing on CnCNet this year and are excited for what's to come in 2024.  


On-going projects

  • CnCNet client Revert to .NET Framework - Read more
  • RA2/YR - Migration to dll spawner + Ares + Phobos - Read more
    • These exciting updates can be tested on the Beta update channel in the CnCNet YR client.
  • New Map Database & Browser - Read more/sponsor the project
  • Planned: CnCNet Client WebSocket Support - Read more/sponsor the project
  • Ladder and Ranked match client updates - let us know your suggestions.

2023 Game updates

  • Red Alert 2 Mode: Fixes Dog and Flak trooper behaviour, as per original Red Alert 2 gameplay. When dogs & Flak troopers are stationary, attacked, then commanded to move, they start running (crawling for Flak Trooper) and get a speed boost
    • With special thanks to Belonit and starkku for the fix.
  • Observers being able to see underwater naval and cloaked (mirage, spy) units. - Belonit
  • Latency modes introduction & Input delay reduction
  • Ranked matches when playing against AI will produce stats too - thanks to Belonit

2023 Ladder updates 

  • Clan Ladder introduced & Client updates to support 2v2.  Thanks to @burg93, @dkeeton, @Grant
  • Contenders & Champions League introduced for Blitz and Yuri’s Revenge
    • Ability to match against AI for Contenders Ranked match
  • Player Spawn locations show on ladder game pages
  • Ability to have random spawns in Ranked match.
  • Ability to skip score screen after game ends in Ranked matches.
  • Elo Ladder tracker added - with thanks to @Sneer
  • Ability to have different Map Tiers - Red Alert 2 & Blitz. @burg93
  • Alpha release of Ranked match Observers - @Grant
  • Player profile cards on ladder listing - @Grant
  • New and improved Ranked Match Client
    • Bugfixes and numerous new features added, with special thanks to @Sneer.  
      • Support for map tiers (with thanks to @burg93
      • Multi queue on ladders
      • New alert sounds 
      • Design updates
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