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Naval Wonder War Released!


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New Mod Map -> Naval Wonder War

This is a Naval map with only Naval units and special unit for every country.

Map is no longer Beta

If you downloaded the map while CnCNet is opened you have to close CnCNet then Reopen it to play the map.

Please report any bug here.

Map Includes :-

Better Animations (alot new better animations)

Defenses Detect Submarines

Middle Oil (Respawns Over Time)

All Navy Units

Engineer To Take Mid Oil (Engineer Can Swim)

Seal (Can Detect Hidden Submarines)


Cosmonaut (Laser Rocketeer)

Kirov (Buildable In Naval Yard)

Special Unit For All Countries

Black Eagle Buildable

MIGs (For Korea Instead Of BlackEagle - It's Not The Special Unit)

Advanced Robot Tank (It's for Germany instead of Robot Tank - It's Not The Special Unit)


Special Units :-


Great Britain=Sniper Cannon

America=Laser Emperor

Korea= F-16

Cuba=Harpy Submarine

Russia=Lightning Rod Ship

Iraq=Apocalypse Ship

Libya=Inferno Cannon

Build limit for special units = 1

No Yuri No France Allowed ( will work soon )




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