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alliance with civilians and multi-players


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Hey there. 

If you're running CnCNet, you'll be able to form teams with the AI in Skirmish from the game menu. I've linked some videos below that might help you.

Here's an in depth tutorial on how to play RA2YR using CnCNet. https://youtu.be/_EBqST0AZ9k?si=o4iPqQ4ffeXaehJY

Here's an updated campaign tutorial, and how to get the game on Steam! https://youtu.be/4MfOurHaQP4?si=zrslaZTqwLIYtExD

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You have this thread in "RA2/YR Maps" part. If your prioblem is related to a map creation, then you need use "JP" side for civilians. They are peaceful to all other sides. If you need to have a more complicated structure of alliances with civilians you can make it only by scripting the map with triggers.

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no, I mean that if you choose team A, you can't just kill your assistants, you have to press Ctrl to do that. And also so that they don’t attack. Is this possible? Is it also possible to do this for an ally bot? (The problem is that the bot even just shoots at peaceful buildings, although, for example, he plays for the Alliance)

17 часов назад, Ezer_2000 сказал:

Эта тема есть в разделе «Карты RA2/YR». Если ваша проблема связана с созданием карты, то вам нужно использовать сторону «JP» для гражданских лиц. Они миролюбивы ко всем остальным сторонам. Если вам нужна более сложная структура союзов с гражданскими лицами, то сделать это можно, только заскриптовав карту триггерами.


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