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Yet another cheater—ICBM Exploit


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This guy TNTCNC figured out how to make his V3s fire an extended range using some sort of trainer that went undetected. At first, we thought it was just that age old glitch but after the second time, it became clear what he was up to. He wasn't able to get it to work effectively on structures but was more successful using it on unsuspecting players' units.  Of course, this too ultimately ended in a recon error. His teammates Lette, NONZAZERO and SpaceStar seemed unbothered by this and just kept playing on like normal even when it became blatantly obvious what this guy was doing.

Screenshot (3508).png

Screenshot (3514).png

Screenshot (3512).png

Screenshot (3515).png

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This is actually not a cheat but a bug that's been going on for decades. Any of us can replicate this and I've seen this happen a few times on the oil maps when it becomes campy. Realistically if you have a few flaks against that you should be ok and it can be expensive for the opponent. I feel like this glitch in a way is part of the game also but I'm not sure how others feel about it. 

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After some research, it's indeed what you're describing and known simply as the "ICBM Glitch." Yesterday, this guy Vermin (no screenshots this time) was also able to use this glitch but much more effectively so it's devastatingly game-breaking in the right hands. I came across quite a few videos on YT showing ways to execute it—not just with V3s either. It can also be done with Dreads too, which is even more disturbing. Can this also be done with Boomers too? It'd certainly add to the already long list of alarming reasons not to allow Yuri in FFGs.

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