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RA1 OOS modded maps fix


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FunkyFr3sh and me were discussing the OOS issue with modded maps and I took a look at why it happened, then based on the fact that FunkyFr3sh made an OOS fix rules.ini file I figured it might be possible to fix this OOS bug by having the game load FunkyFr3h's rules.ini OOS fix file before any of the other files containing rules.ini definitions when the game is loading a scenario. And behold it seems to work.


Source: https://github.com/Iran/ra303p-iran/blob/master/src/fix_rules_oos.asm


Edit: We also figured out the EngineerDamage and EngineerCaptureLevel values defaults for non-Aftermath (these hard-coded values normally never read from rules.ini) as a result of this the OOS-FIX.ini works when Aftermath is enabled and you switch to playing a non-Aftermath game without restarting. :)

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