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  1. about ~1100 players on CnCNet now, with ~550 on Mental Omega.
  2. Oh thought you were talking about the supply trucks. Yeah that shouldnt be the case, the heavy tanks ought to reveal shroud. It might be related to the feature that unshrouds your shroud when a teammates unit unshrouds.
  3. How is it a troll post? The video gets about 6x more bandwidth on YouTube if you double the resolution to 1440p. You can also triple the resolution to 2160p (4k) and then it willl get 12x more bandwith and if you the video you upload is lossless than at 2160p it will be visually lossless too except for yuv420 color compression and the smaller color space of rec.709. The video codec recognizes that the pixels are quadrupled and will compress the quadrupled pixels as effectively as 720p....it will just have 6x more bandwidth (12x for 4k) lol. I even tested this on my youtube channel: youtube.com/ma1kel (contains 720p original and 720p upscaled to 4k) The only issue is recording near losslessly you need obs and x264. I did it on my channel on my PC I think 3 years ago and it was a bit choppy but I have a 2009 era i5 so, should be fine on a recent PC with a SSD. And you still got that fucking gay color space/compression issue which is a issue with red colors on ra1 but I dunno about ra2. Someone should test it with x264 and OBS, set x264 to lossless mode and have it record FLAC audio. Use a ryzen or 6 core i7. You probably shouldnt be recording at anything higher than 720p anyhow because you can't see shit cause everything is too small. You should be able to record losslessly with no lag and with decent file size. Then you can use a video editor and double resolution to 1440p or triple resolution to 2160p, save it losslessly again with x264 lossless and then upload it to YouTube.
  4. Record in 720p and in your video editor double the resolution to 1440p so the quality on YouTube is better even though its just a 720p video with the resolution doubled.
  5. Great map pack, love it!!!
  6. Can't you just play with a very large windowed 16:9?
  7. My tool for doing map previews for RA1/C&C1 just uses loose files so MIX reading isn't needed.
  8. Does that mean I stop receiving donation money to buy Steam games with?
  9. it wasn't that hard because I already had the selectable spawning positions code. Which also has to take in mind players who selected their spawning position when calculating the furthest distance for spawning players who haven't selected their spawning position.
  10. I added the spectator mode. It's not a hidden option it was added from scratch. It just prevents the player from spawning, sets him to 'dead' and gives him radar. The hardest part is patching the spawning logic so it ignores spectators when calculating spawning positions for other players.
  11. Seems like the idea behind the Chrono Vortex comes fro mthe 1984 movie The philladelphia experiment: https://youtu.be/WAmpXDi53YQ?t=99
  12. Yeah it's a bit of a dicey issue now that we know Soviets can also sell (just glitched)
  13. Wasn't there also something with being able to sell tanks on Allied Service Depot and not the Soviet Repair Bay? I know Westwood fixed one of those issues related to repair depot but never backported it to RA2. (We intend to restore RA2 behavior even if Westwood 'fixed' it in YR but forgot to backport it to RA2. From the YR patch 1.006 notes: " The player could sell a vehicle that was being repaired on an Allied Repair Depot, unlike the Soviet Repair Depot. Now, the player can't use either type of Repair Depots to sell vehicles. " But yeah this does sound important. Can you check selling/repairing units on your service depot as Allies/Soviet and then on an allies Service Depot in both RA2 and YR?
  14. Yeah I was dissassembling the game and after 30 to 90 seconds it uses tighter network timings. Especially noticable on WOL/XWIS. You start of with huge delay then it suddenly becomes less after 30 to 90 seconds. I suggest recording on xwis YR and xwis RA2...problem is you need two people for this. Then record on CnCndNet YR and then with ra2 mode on. So you have 4 recordings. You can use a video editor to get the frames on which you click the sidebar for production of units/buildings and the end frame of the production. And you can also get the frame for building placement start and end. You can also do this with unit movement. Do keep in mind that >90 secs window for lag adjustment, so do whatever you did at the start of the match again after 90 seconds.
  15. The Ivan bombs thing might be related to the multi-engineer option when hosting a match. Try with it on and off. Ares fixed a bunch of these bugs (not all of them). Try and figure out more and then we'll make a post on the Ares subforums on ppmsite so we can get confirmation. Then we can port the Ares fixes to the CnCNet patches. The thing with pips and psychic sensor graphics are a bit hairy to do clean, so probably the best way is to just ship the ra2 graphics for those 2 in a seperate mix that's loaded when ra2mode is enabled or embed them in the exe for ra2mode. EDIT: dkeeton has another plan to fix graphics. Wasn't there also some exploit where you coud sell tanks on the service depot, but for only one side?
  16. In case this is still an issue, this might be related to the code in multi-engineer_enhancements.asm, needs to be tested with that code patch disabled.
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