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  1. Looking for people to test open-source RA1, it's based on the remaster code base but intending to play like on CnCNet and not like remaster. It uses the original ("legacy") game files so you don't need to buy Remaster or anything. We're intending to support all the CnCNet patches in the future (high res, mousewheel sidebar scrolling, CnCNet) but we're not at that stage yet. If you wanna test just join the Discord chat channel: https://discord.gg/UnWK2Tw For developers, the URL is https://github.com/TheAssemblyArmada/Vanilla-Conquer
  2. Hi guys we're looking for people testing open-source C&C1. The code is based on the original game source as used by remaster (although not keeping remaster gameplay changes). The following features are done/in progress: -64 bit support -SDL2/OpenAL port -ARM -Linux/*BSD -TD skirmish -TD megamaps (128x128) Notable things missing: -Features added by CnCNet game patches and Nyerguds' game patches (intending to add these!) -CnCNet support (intending to add) -Network (in progress) You don''t have to sign up or anything. If you wanna test just join the Assembly Armada Discord. Discord invite: https://discord.gg/UnWK2Tw https://github.com/TheAssemblyArmada/Vanilla-Conquer
  3. It's now merged into the main branch! https://github.com/TheAssemblyArmada/Vanilla-Conquer You need to use the built-in map editor to make a TD megamap.
  4. Megamaps support (256x256 like in Red Alert Aftermath) has been added to C&C1 in the open-source Vanilla Conquer project (C&C remaster source adapted to stand-alone): https://github.com/TheAssemblyArmada/Vanilla-Conquer Note: I didn't work on this.
  5. Is that the original RA1 or the remastered version?
  6. It was impossible to get new units working correctly because there are too many hard-coded check on builtin unit IDs. Vessels added into the game wouldn't even render correctly because the turret offets are hard-coded for the existing vessels, in ASM it wasn't feasible unless I'd spend months reverse engineering pretty much all game logic into C++. Now that we have the source code it's very easy to do.
  7. PPM made a mistake on the news post yesterday. Imgui is the UI library used. The map editor is the internal map editor and that's the same one as the one from beta, just using a different UI to make the UI bigger. Rewriting asm functions to C will be done and the open-source SDL2 library with opengl & openal will be used so the game can run on any operating and architecture supported by SDL2 like Linux & Mac and Android and also HTML5 web (by cross compiling C++ to Javascript). And making the game as moddable as TS/YR so adding new units and modifying all the logic will also be possible. And yeah lots of other stuff I''m planning like larger maps, more waypoints, trigger actions etc. Someone already made a better path finding mod which replaces crash & turn algorithm with A* algorithm.
  8. I've been comparing the source codes and it's a lot less work then I expected. Most of it can literally be copy and pasted without modification between the code bases.
  9. Welcome back Allen. The Red Alert source code has been released and the engine can be made completely moddable (adding new units and modifying every attribute of existing ones and unhardcoding tons of work). I'm working on transferring over TD logic. I'm waiting for important missing bits like audio, UI, videos support which a bunch of people are working on. As a preview someone got the internal map editor working (the one Westwood used to make maps for C&C1 and RA1).
  10. Why don't you start a tournament? And some of the Ra2/yr people are working on clans support. The Zero Hour ppl regularly (like twice a month or so) have tournaments with small cash pool of 50-150$. They also have a yearly world series to determine who is the best player.
  11. It's missing some support logic. Some professional game software developer is working on fixing that and he seems to be almost done. There will be an open-source community project on GitHub.
  12. There have been no development on those because adding new units could never work properly as too much is hard-coded. Work is being done to make the open-source Red Alert source code release fully functional to build as a standalone game and then stuff like that will be easy to add (and to also merge TD logic with RA so only one code base is needed),
  13. Yeah its just missing rendering and audio, someone already compiled red alert with sdl and openal
  14. They released the full source code to the original game so we can do what we want now.
  15. We're working on adding 8 player support to TD for CnCnet.
  16. Can someone check if you get parabombs if you spy enemy Airfield in RA1?
  17. Can you upload the excep.txt in your game folder after it crashes?
  18. oil derrick support https://github.com/CnCNet/ts-patches/blob/master/src/mods/dta/oil_derricks.asm
  19. Okay FunkyFr3sh said he might have to add an option for it.
  20. Oh your right. I'll send FunkyFr3sh a PM about it.
  21. Doesn't the new cnc-ddraw support scaling like the old one does? Like output window 1080p but internal 540p resolution?
  22. On the top right of the lobby there are icons of the games that are installed, if you click an icon it will stop showing their games and players.
  23. Nice mod. Are you guys gonna add oil refineries? Rampastring recently added support for it to Tiberian Sun via a code patch.
  24. Iran

    Replay support

    Ok it will be added in a few days by FunkyFr3sh to the client. If you wanna grab it already u can do /install ts-replay in the CnCNet lobby. Note: this will make your game incompatible, you can only play with people who also installed the replay patch. To get back to the old version type /install ts-old Don't forget to annoy FunkyFr3sh about it. There's a bug where replay playback will desync on maps with sparkings cars on it, if any other bug(s) reported are fixable I will fix this bug too (will take me about 30 hours)
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