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Mouse lag - TS Firestorm (Fixed!)


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Hello gentlemen.


For some reason, I am having trouble with lag in Tiberian Sun Firestorm.

The game lags as soon as I move the mouse or click. When I hold it still, the game runs perfectly smooth.


I'm running the game with the following setup:


- "-win" for windowed mode (in order to fix the menu invisibility bug)

- 1280x800 resolution

- Through a shortcut to game.exe

- Windows XP service pack 3 compatibility (my OS is Windows 8 )


In short, everthing works until I start using the mouse. (it works fine in the menu, but not ingame).


Is anyone else having this issue? I haven't found a single note on this on google.


All help and suggestions are highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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