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I'd love to play this mod, first off. But something comes to mind:


What if someone wants to (as I see in screenshots) keep the Generals ZH interface/console, but use NOD or GDI? I think it might be best (if you're going to change it that is) to give players a choice whether the interface changes to original TD, or stays ZH. I can see the other games (like C&C 2) having thier units with thier 'deploy' ability so much easier if you could just click the ability in the ZH console. Anyway...


Personally, I like conversions, but what I like even more is super mods that don't overwrite anything. That way I get closer to my dream.... which is the ZH interface/console/graphics, but also have other armies able to be chosen within skirmishes, campaign, or multiplayer, leading to a grand total of:











But with each army having full units, like C&C 1, C&C2, C&C3 all together (Allies have everything they ever did, Soviets have everything they ever did) same for GDI and NOD; and the units working as they did in the original games; from the IFV to the Avatar to the Battle Fortress to the Minelayer. After playing ZH I don't really care that there is no navy, so things could stay that way for all I care.


But I digress. Yeah, I'd love to play your mod, but could it be possible to just combine the two games, instead of 'total convert'? I'd like to have every army that ever was running amuck against each other. Just try to enter a base with EMP patriot missile system + tesla coil technology.


I'd also love some campaigns showing why all the armies are in the same game, and already wrote the stories.

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uhmm...what mod are you talking about? O_o It cannot be Sole Survivor because Sole Survvor is a game.


Also this thead has nothing to do with Sole Survivor!


moved to the barracks![/color:1ddjhzio] (This is because this topic is talking about an unidentified mod)

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