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Impossible to play own maps?


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Hello Guys,


I downloaded C&C Gold 1.06 a couple days ago.. I'm a big fan though.


I also tried the map-editor and built my own battlefield.


The program output was a x.INI -data..


My question now is, if it is impossible to play this map against my friend.


Where do we have to put it? And will it then show up between the other maps when C&CNet is started?



Thank you very much,


A big fan of c&c

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Hi and welcome to "our" (Not mine though, O_o) community!!

To play your new created map you will need:

-Map editor (I recommend the editor from XCC Utilities)


-Do whatever you want on it and then save it. (Don't forget to name the map and insert the WAYPOINTS so they will be the "StartPoints" for players)


-Name it to: SCM##EA (Both .BIN and .INI)

## means a number from 00 to 255(I recommend numbers higher than 60, because of the originals maps, I think) Ex.: SCM100EA.INI and SCM100EA.BIN


-You and your friend must have the map files placed in the game directory!


-Have Fun playing!  :laugh:






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