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C&C Red Alert [SW] GiftS Maps


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Some days ago, I made a thread in the C&c95 maps forums about a new mode that I call [sW]

To see what this [sW] is, please read the introduction here!




SW is a mode (made by me) that the player starts with limited units and your objective it's to capture the NEUTRAL buildings (WHITE) and start building your army to take over your enemies... By the way buildings are IMUNE to damage!!!

Most of the matchs played on RA are based on tank rush... In this mode, tanks are more weaker and expensive but infantry now plays a major role ingame!

And others modified things!


[glow=red,2,300]Red Alert Settings[/glow]

[glow=red,2,300]Before Launching the game[/glow]


  • You MUST have Aftermath expasion disabled!
  • The player you are playing agaisn't must have Aftermath disabled too!
  • CounterStrike won't interfier in the game so you can have it enabled!
  • There might be other problems...


[glow=red,2,300]On Lobby[/glow]



  • Choose every color except the WHITE one. (Neutral buildings will be shown ingame as WHITE)
  • Every country is fine. (Some countries have some advantages) (Some people doesn't have the most updated version so don't choose the new ones or it will result on a INSTANT OOS)
  • Money is optional!
  • Crates too!
  • Units must be ZERO (0)
  • Mode: Base or not. (they get destroyed at the start)
  • Shroud Regrows won't be necessary!
  • NO AI PLAYERS PLEASE (Just kidding!)
  • Tech Level: Any if you want more advanced units or not!
  • Always keep Capture the Flag disabled!


[glow=red,2,300]VERSION: 1.00[/glow]


[glow=red,2,300]DOWNLOAD v1.00[/glow] HERE




[glow=red,2,300]V1.00 - 24/02/2013[/glow]


  • Changed: Ore is now infinite!
  • Changed: Decreased the amount of ore that the Ore Truck can carry from the Default to 250!
  • Changed: Engineers now capture buildings at full strengh! (Capture in one shot no matter HP the building has!)
  • Changed: All buildings are now IMUNE to any type of damage!
  • Changed: All defencive buildings are buildable and they have -20% HP, -75% Firepower, -50% Rate-Of-Fire (Faster attack!), -33% cost and +Balanced Draining Power!
  • Changed: Defenses don't need any prequesite!
  • Changed: Decreased the cost of the Ore Truck from the Default to 250!
  • Changed: Increased the cost of the engineers from the Default to 1000!
  • Changed: Increased the movement speed of the engineers!
  • Changed: Decreased the HP of the engineers from the Default to 10
  • Changed: Increased the HP of Tanya from the Default to 200!
  • Changed: Tanya can't use her C4 anymore!
  • Changed: Tanya has the maximum sight! (10)
  • Changed: All infantry units now takes less 50% damage!
  • Changed: All infantry are now uncrushable!
  • Changed: Decreased the V2's weapon damage from the Default to 300
  • Changed: Decreased the V2's weapon Rate-Of-Fire from the Default to 200!
  • Changed: Increased the Artillery's weapon range from the Default to 10!
  • Changed: Decreased ALL cooldowns of all SuperWeapons!
  • Changed: Increased the movement speed of all units and infantry by 20%!
  • Changed: Enhanced the Spy Plane by increasing it's sight from the Default to 10!
  • Changed: All vehicles are now cost 10% more!
  • Changed: All vehicles have 10% less HP!
  • Changed: All vehicles and infantry can now be built by all countries!
  • Changed: MCV are now unbuildable!
  • Changed: MCV only has 1 HP!
  • Changed: The Construction YARD only builds Defences!

There is maybe some mistakes...



[glow=red,2,300]GiftS' Maps[/glow]


[glow=red,2,300]Angels & Demons - 1V1[/glow] - Map Preview


[glow=red,2,300]Human Blood Land - 2V2 or 1V1[/glow] - Map Preview



More to come...


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