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Mission: Nuke

Guest Gametrickser

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Guest Gametrickser

Hey Guys.



Here is my Singleplayer Mission NUKE


Mission: The USSR Build a new A-Bomb, destroy it before they can testing it.


Its not difficult.

And you Need Aftermath !


So i cant say more, because my english is too Bad :D


Here is the Link to my Website: http://cncothermaps.de.tl/

And here the Download Link  : http://www.mediafire.com/?o36qcvmv83y77kb


Have Fun :D


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Nice mission. I've made a full map screenshot (excluding some stuff off the visible area of the map). I've also added a simple briefing and changed some stuff so the mission shows up in the 'Custom Missions' dialog my patch adds to Red Alert 1. :)


Unzip the file 'cmu405ea.zip' and place the unzipped cmu405ea.ini in the Red Alert folder and open the game, then select the mission from the 'Custom Missions' dialog.



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I played your mission and actually won it...

I thought it would be much more harder and when I saw those DemoTrucks coming I thought i would lose... And I wasn't expecting more to come!!! xD


One of the things I didn't liked on your map was the river design... you could had used other "types of the river"...

You could make it much more harder by removing some of the Light Tanks reinforcement.


Anyways I liked the mission!

Keep making new ones!  :laugh:

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