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READ Help ?! Celltrigers and Briefing

Guest Gametrickser

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Guest Gametrickser

Hello Guys.


I have a little Problem.


how i make Celltriggers and Briefing ?? :O


(sry for my english)

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In RAED click on the T on the top right side. This will open a new window (Text Mode) Copy and paste this [briefing] line on the top



1=Rescue Einstein from the Headquarters inside this Soviet complex. Once

2=found, evacuate him via the helicopter at the signal flare. Einstein and

3=Tanya must be kept alive at all costs. Beware the Soviet's Tesla Coils.

4=Direct Tanya to destroy the westmost power plants to take them off-line.


Change as needed and add more line by 5= 6= 7= 8= as needed but do not exceed max line length limit as show below.


;Specific text

;MAX is below! Don't exceed!



To make a Celltrigger make a trigger that looks like this


Name:      rnf1

Owner:    Greece

Existence: temporary (any linked event -> switch, destroy)

Type:      simple (event1 => action1 [+ action2])


Event 1:  Entered by...Greece


Once done rnf1 will be listed a Celltrigger.


Action 1:  Reinforcement (team)... rnf2

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Remember the following when making a trigger, also try to study the campaigns made by westwood so you could start brainstorming.


Temporary: Can only be fired once.


Semi-Constant: Can't explain this very clearly but this example will help you.

    Example: There were 9 Rifle Infantries and if you killed all of them reinforcements will come. Let's say 2 Flamethrowers and one Grenadier. But if you kill one of them and the trigger where reinforcements will come in is a temporary type of trigger.


Constant: Can happen anytime once the trigger is fired. This is more likely to be placed where in the first event is timed. Otherwise, wrong event might think the game's encountering problems

    Example Triggers:

          1.)  Event 1 > Elapsed Time (1/10th min) 60

                Action 1> Reinforcement team... unt1

Meaning for every 6 minutes passes by team named "unt1" will be reinforced. Presume that this "unt1" team type contains, 2 Med. Tanks, 2 Light Tanks, and 2 Rangers that will follow the desired order you assigned to them.

          2.)  Event 1 > Destroyed buldings... 3

                Action 1 > Create Team... tnks

For everytime you destroyed three buildings, enemy will produce this team type. Presume that this "tnks" contains, 3 Heavy Tanks and 1 Mammoth Tank.


As for celltriggers. Only Entered by and Zone Entry are the only triggers capable of making celltriggers. In briefings, if you want to make breaks on a line just type @@ and you'll have a break already.




1=Soviet forces have begun sweep of [email protected]@Hurry and escort Tanya

2=back to the island before it's too late. Then destroy all Soviet units and

3=structures to complete the [email protected]@Good Luck!


The outcome would look like this:


Soviet forces have begun sweep of prisoners!


Hurry and escort Tanya back to the island before it's too late. Then

destroy all Soviet units and structures to complete the mission.


Good Luck!


hope this helps ;)


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