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Differences between original and CS versions of first mission for both sides


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Sonarpulse noticed the CS versions of the first campaign mission for both sides are different from the original version. Here's two differences I noticed:


Allies mission 1: After destroying the Power Plant next to the barrel the civilian with the yellow shirt will move to just above the Soviet base in the original version, in the CS version he starts attacking the Soviet Ore Truck, causing all the Soviet infantry to hunt him. The CS version also fixed an invalid mission for two of the Riflemen at the start of the map (in the CS version they're all in guard mode). A diff of the two files also shows different terrain.


Soviet Mission 1: There seems to be a difference between when and how many paradroppers you get during parts of the mission. One glaring difference is that the CS version adds a building next to the civilians standing around a barrel. There's a waypoint linked to this building that's linked to the Church in the original version. In the original version 3 civilians leave the Church after it's attacked. In the original version destroying the barrels next to the Church doesn't completely destroy the actual Church.


I've attached the missions, converted so they show up in the 'Custom Missions' dialog etc.


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