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Possible RA95.exe malware from redalert1.com



After taking the time and effort (and about half an hour) to ensure my original post was as good as it could be, I hit "Preview" and was reminded of one reason why i swore off all forum use 10 years ago: I had been logged out while writing my post and nothing i did had been saved, on browser side or forum side. Because of this, I would imagine this post will be significantly shorter, even including what i have written so far.


On April 1 i started getting messages that RA95.exe was unclassified malware upon running the game (Comodo Antivirus). On April 4 i started getting the message that i will attach with this post, which gave the malware a name. The source of my RA package was redalert1.com. I downloaded the full 731mb version originally on January 6 and again tonight to see if a fresh download had the same problems. It did. Full scans of my computer with Comodo and Malwarebytes detect nothing, only on a run of the executable or extracting it now, apparently.


Is anyone else having these problems? Would anyone else be willing to download that 731mb archive and see if their own antivirus program detects anything unusual? Is there a better way to get a windowed 1024x768 Red Alert going without having to use ISOs, web installers or anything more than a .zip or similar? Thank you for your time. Also thank you if you have been even a small part of why C&C and Red Alert can still be played on Win7 with a 64bit processor.


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