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The Killer (Singleplayer Mission)

Guest Gametrickser

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Yay! I will start by saying how it makes me happy to see other people taking an interest in mission making.  I've finally had a chance to try "the killer" once and here's my initial impressions:

  For your 2nd mission it's pretty good, although very basic. (only a win and lose trigger, no teamtypes or production, etc.)  Although the map is very sparse, I'm happy to report there are no mismatched tiles and at least a little bit of care was put into the map looking decent.  Nothing irritates me more than when obviously no effort was put into making a cohesive landscape.  It could be prettier, though.  It's not much of a challenge but that's okay.  I won on my 2nd try because that Obelisk nailed my exploring commando on the first time around.  In my opinion, however I found the map to be a bit too big for an infantry mission as I spent most of my time walking around empty blank space looking for the next squad to snipe.  Overall I'd say it was not a disappointment but maybe slightly mediocre; I hope this is just a stepping stone to more interesting missions from Gametrickster.

  And just a personal pet peeve of mine, I don't like when GDI has Nod units/structures and vice versa.  This just as easily could have been a gdi mission and all would have fit a little better into the original feel of the game.

  This is all just my opinion, take it or leave it-- but PLEASE KEEP THE MISSIONS COMING!! XD


**p.s. I'll download and play anything, but I think you might get a better reaction from others here by adding a little more detail about your mission in the initial post**

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Guest Gametrickser

Hey Thanks :D


This Feedback says me: Make it better!

so i try to make better missions.


Thanks for your Feedback:)

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it's not bad for a second map. however like MattAttack said you should switch the factions so you are GDI and enemy is NOD since GDI use NOD structures, also maybe  make the path that leads to the Obelisk less 'interesting' cause i pretty much walked there after killing 5 minigunners hoping i find something there(maybe switch the flame infanitry and the 5 minigunner squad) and populate the map a bit.

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