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  1. this mission is either very hard, or i forgot how to play this game well, or both. gonna give it another shot tomorrow
  2. i always play in 640x400(or 480 i switch randomly for no reason at all, i don't really see the difference, maybe few units). i think it would give advantage to players that are used to smaller resolutions(i got used to small from DOS and was annoyed when CC95 didn't have that small resolution XD)
  3. Actually, it seems to be weaker as there only comes one plane. Also just some bazookas can easly destroy the bomber plane, since it seems to be less health than in singleplayer. But if you combine it with Ion Cannon or Nuke, well... About balancing: I don't think that it should be in a fan patch. it would changes the gameplay, and if Nyerguds does this, I (and a lot of other players) would blame him forever. FOREVER! pretty much everything is stronger in singleplayer lol. also the amount of planes that come for airstrike are random(in singleplayer it's usually 2 or 3, and really really rarely 1, in multiplayer 1 or 2)
  4. i was thinking of making my friends play RA(we got an awesome computer teacher that allows us to do anything we want after we do everything we need too, usually our teacher opens up a server and we play some random multiplayer games together) maybe i should make a map for them, and look for stealth crates lol
  5. if SAM's(and other anti-air units) do not trigger when a stealthed chinook passes by then this is more annoying than the stealth apc
  6. And I want twenty million euros. We'll both just have to live without, hm? :roll: lol got nother suggestion, can we add 'air strike' to the GDI tech level 7 (highest tech), and please increase its damage it's shit, or maybe 2 air planes instead of just 1. The ion cannon is kind of usless compared to nuke so adding AS would be nice C&C95(or TD) isn't really that much mood friendly, also the damage of Airstrike is random, it depends on how many planes come in, as for the Ion vs Nuke, Ion cannon is really strong compared to Nuke in multiplayer, it takes a lot of buildings(like War factory, Power plant and some others) in first hit and also killing most of the weaker tanks(buggys,bikes, actually most of Nod tanks to be clear), multiplayer Nuke is really weak and has quite big charge time but singleplayer Nuke is really overpowered which is why it's only usable once(in a mission i made but not yet published i took out the AI CY,Advanced Comm. Center, a Weapon Factory and 2 Advanced Power Plants in one Nuke)
  7. i think "PassiveHelis=True" without the quotes works for Chinooks too, but never tested it. And yea i really want the CHAN trigger too, there are quite a lot of things you could use it for. Also i hope multiplayer expands the color scheme list since we already got Silver, DarkGrey, Fire, Brown and maybe some i missed, or allow 2 color schemes like Nod but i doubt that will come true because multiplayer was never made that way
  8. i don't think giving both side technology forever is a good idea, you should have access to it only as long as you have the CY
  9. that's awesome if it's true, i would totally love to do these kinds of games sometimes. Also maybe add option to "name" your hosted games so people know what kind of game to expect
  10. ye never playing the game before reading the readme file again
  11. i do know AI builds whatever you set it too build. i noticed that when in a Single player mission (i think it was Infiltrated but that doesn't really matter) where i captured everything but a Hand of NOD then made myself a nice base and army across the whole map, then i noticed AI building commando's over and over and decided to find out how to build them, it took me a year to look up the readme file to learn that they are multiplayer only
  12. oh i see, i guess i just use level 98 then as you are playing as GDI and commando's aren't the best thing in the mission
  13. since MattAttack's question has been answered(i think) and i don't want to start another thread i got a different question. out of 98 build types(15 of them being campaign and 99 being civilian) is there a build level that allows to build chinooks but no other multiplayer unit(like SSM,Commando and others), i don't really fell like checking them all 1 by 1 if it even exists.
  14. i think that's because hovercraft can't go offscreen because the enemy hovercraft that is still arriving is blocking the path
  15. i'm gonna try this out just like Dawn of TIberium Age(Which is really good especially Skrimish, but the AI spams flame tanks like hell). Hopefully in this skrimish we won't get flame tank spams from AI
  16. the time of the game depends on the computer strength, settings below the fastest should work the same since they cap at the same frame rate(maybe few lower or higher) while fastest goes to unlimited i will try the file tomorrow, don't have time today sadly
  17. putting it into CCMap folder and openning it with CCMap after that works(openning it anywhere else than CCMap folder will usually make the CCMap glitch out and crash)
  18. C&C 95 i usually play at the setting before the fastest, how much is 1 time unit for that?
  19. it's easier if one player is NOD and one is GDI, NOD got obelisks which are great defense and GDI has Mammoth tanks which are great defense and offense also.
  20. this just doesn't seem true, i set the value to 1000 and the trigger still happens not long into the mission. also i'm having an issue with the Unit destroyed trigger, i'm trying to make the trigger that after you kill a number of units another patch of reinforcments would arrive for the person that got the units destroyed, but they simply arrive at once, same for the win trigger you win the mission when they arrive
  21. also it's Kane not Cane in your signature unless it's intended pun
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