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CnCNet 5 update!


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Hello there. I thought I'd drop this message about CnCNet 5 in here.


Hello Commanders,


It has been a long time since the last news post. I felt it was time to post some progress updates even though they are not *mine* exactly.


The next version of CnCNet as has been stated before requires modified game binaries. These binaries for TD and RA are on the way. The RA version is getting along nicely with Iran fixing some remaining issues and adding new interesting features. The TD version still has too many issues to be usable. TS version is not yet started and will probably not be until CnCNet 5 is released with full RA support the very least and solely depends on the motivation of CCHyper. RA2 will most probably not be supported at all, sorry.


Some of the design ideas that were in the old thread have been revisited and it seems CnCNet 5 is going towards being fully IRC compatible and uses Westwood Chat like client program to operate.


FunkyFr3sh from the Red Alert community has worked hard on his (testing) CnCNet 5 client for RA. It is free to download right now and will provide valuable feedback about the modified RA binary so please play some games with it when you have the time. It provides some features the LAN lobby doesn't like selectable spawn points, predetermined teams, private rooms and much more.




There is no release date for CnCNet 5 and the work continues on its own pace whenever everyone participating has the time and interest.


Original topic: http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=2296

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