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Multiple Map Files From an Old Website

Cmdr John

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Hi, here is a link to an old red alert fan website. Hopefully u guys can add these maps to the online game. The maps seem very detailed and based on historic battles. This website is now abandoned (it says this on their main site) so I think its ok if we use the maps?


The authors names are given beside each map so maybe we can include them in brackets in the map directory. The website also has some nice game play tips.


MAPS: http://www.sharoma.com/ral/maps.htm

MAIN SITE: http://www.sharoma.com/ral/


hope u guys can add these maps.


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I emailed him 2 days ago but he never replied. His website says that the page was created in 2002. I don't think its been updated since then. The maps are there to be downloaded so it should be ok for us to use them. Clicking on the map names gives you a zip file.

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