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Streaming this great server!


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Hello CnC.com this is a link to my stream to either learn or laugh, or even cuddle up on your couch and watch as you drift to sleep (that what I use streaming for). Tune in at http://www.twitch.tv/sikingaming for some fun.


I will not say I am pro, as I am entering my 26th year upon this earth my mind is my weapon nowadays as the reflexes dwindle by the millisecond but with this game I've noticed such a subtle ability in medium money matches where it does not matter the age or gender the opponent but the idea and execution they enter next in the midst of battle. So having said that I will train. Muha, I am also having a woohoo(code for older members of the community).


I will be playing only normal maps or custom made maps made by either myself or anyone willing to reply to this thread for testing, 1v1 2v2 or ffa and if theirs a good enough response a ffa-team game. Would be a blast. This may be an ongoing thing but for now I have two days off work so I will battle. >:)

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CnC.com? It's cnc-comm.com at least get the URL right. :P


Anyways, nice to see another stream for CnCNet. :)


By the way you have set the wrong game on your stream: It should be "Command & Conquer: Red Alert". ;)

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Thanks for the feedback, The stream went well as a couple of players came to watch and we had some good times. Unfortunatly only about the first two hours where recorded well, the screen screwed up and I was only recording a fraction of the battlefield but nobody said anything.


I was mostly testing my Mud Flaps map. Only got some 1v1's and a FFA in good condition, Here they are at:



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