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CnCNet Error


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I recently purchased the ultimate collection (17 CnC games) on Origin on sale. Pumped to play some old school Red Alert online.


Also noticed that the software is apparently free through redalert1.com, which provides a download.


Download MINIRA.exe via redalert1.com - but unfortunately CnCNet checks for updates, provides a countdown to connect to CnCNet (3, 2, 1). The window closes and the process repeats (checks for updates, countdown, etc etc). No error is listed, but the client never seems to launch. Using MINIRA, I also cannot get RA95.exe to launch. I simply get a failure. I navigated to the most recent updates and patches and downloaded 303 and executed that  as far as I can tell. Still encounter the same issues.


I also installed Red Alert via my Origin purchase, and patched that version and downloaded the solo CnCNet client and placed it in the Origin Red Alert directory. I can get RA95.exe to launch in that case and successfully play the game, which is hopeful. However, CnCNet.exe does not seem to launch - and  repeats the same process I've described above.


I'd love to get this game working and bring a few friends into the community and enjoy this wonderful old game. Is there some step I'm missing, or do I need to change my configuration tool? (this launches correctly, and I can also launch the map editor through the CnCLanucher app as well) I'm running Windows 7, 64 bit.


Thanks so much in advance for any help anyone is able to provide!

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I believe I patched to 3.03 using the top-most download until the Red Alert utilities


<a href="http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?action=downloads;sa=downfile&id=45">Download</a>


Perhaps I've missed something. I can use the CncNET utility to launch the RA95.exe and the game operates. From there perhaps I did not navigate the menus correctly. Can I reach a lobby by using the network or internet button on the Red Alert home screen?


I was under the impression I needed to select CncNET.exe in the CncNET launcher window. Your comment suggests that I simply need to launch RA95.exe using the CnCNET window and I'm good to go. I suppose my question then is, where do I navigate to find the player lobby?


I'll have to do some more investigation this evening. Thanks very much for the response!

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