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RA95 issues (Game freeze, Weird colors with TLF.exe)



Hi all


I got the Ultimate Collection via Origin.


Patch3.03 installed from this website.


My issue is that, when I load a saved game (after playing a bit) the game freezes. Black screen, sound looping.


Same happened also during the 2nd mission with Tanya, where you have to blow up the bridges. I started the mission, played a bit and then loaded the saved game from the beginning, that worked, but after some time when I killed more infantry units, my game froze. Sound looping stuck image.


Now, I can overcome this when using the RA95_TLF (the lost files).exe but there I get weird colors...


I tried:


Fresh install of RA95

Compatibility to W95, 89/ME, 2000, XP...

256 colors etc.


Using Windows 7 64x as OS


Any help? cnc95 worked without any issues :(

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I think I need to make a fresh install of RA1


The installer you linked to me didn't solve the crash issue, for example when loading save from mission 1 and then from mission 2 -> crash.


Or load mission 2 and then mission 1 -> crash


Tried with new made save games. See attached the .dmp if that helps anyhow.


With the "RA95_TLF_(TFD).exe" everything is ok for now - but I get black borders at 640x400 (top  & bottom) and when choosing 640x480 it feels stretched in length (wasn't before trying this installer)


Well the black border is a minor backstep, so that could be overseen, but I kinda want the perfect setup  :D


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might be that the savegames can only be played in the resolution they were made, i can't remember if that problem was fixe


are you sure all Compatibility modes are turned off ? cause those are causing crashes !


yes, it might be the best to do a fresh install 

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