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can we add TD missions (skirmish?) to the cncnet5?


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sometimes i am too lazy to hit tiberian dawn.exe and i prefer to play missions through cncnet5 and the lobby is just cool.


another reason for this is to make TD look more active by giving more option so when somebody is playing skirmish we know instead of not seeing them at all.



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The mission programming doesn't work well in the multiplayer game mode. Any preplaced units go to Hunt mode, and so do any units produced by the AI. On top of that, the waypoints used for guiding AI teams and reinforcements to specific locations along specific paths are used as possible multiplayer starting points, meaning you'll end up randomly dumped on one of those before getting mercilessly slaughtered by every unit preplaced on the map. And since you play Multi1-Multi6 in the multiplayer mode, both sides in the mission will gang up on you.


So in other words, booting up mission files in multiplayer mode is a retarded idea. Just be less lazy, dammit.

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